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M2f. Album and single videography (Mariah Carey)


This article is from the Mariah Carey FAQ, by Kade Hansson kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au with numerous contributions by others.

M2f. Album and single videography (Mariah Carey)

Releases may vary from country to country.

(i) [Video albums]

VIDEO Title             DESCRIPTION
01. The First Vision    Clips: Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time,
                        I Don't Wanna Cry (edit), Someday (extended);
                        Live performaces: Vanishing,
                        Don't Play That Song; Interviews; and a
                        backstage look at her Saturday Night Live
                        appearance (27 Oct 1990). VHS only.
02. MTV Unplugged +3    Clips: Can't Let Go, Emotions (extended),
                        Make It Happen; Live performances from
                        Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY: Emotions,
                        If It's Over, Someday, Vision Of Love,
                        Make It Happen, I'll Be There; Interviews;
                        behind the scenes footage; and Mariah's home
                        movies. VHS and CD (audio) only.
03. Mariah Carey        Live performances from Proctor's Theatre, NY:
                        Emotions, Hero, Someday, Without You,
                        Make It Happen, Dreamlover,
                        Love Takes Time, Anytime You Need A Friend,
                        Vision Of Love, I'll Be There; Interviews;
                        and Mariah's home movies. Clips: Dreamlover.
                        VHS only. AKA Here Is Mariah Carey.
04. Fantasy: Mariah     Live performances at Madison Square Garden, NY:
Carey Live at Madison   Fantasy, Make It Happen, Open Arms,
Square Garden           Dreamlover, Without You, One Sweet Day,
                        I'll Be There, Hero, Always Be My Baby,
                        Forever, Vision Of Love, Bad Boy Fantasy With 
                        ODB. Clips: One Sweet Day, Anytime You Need A 
                        Friend (extended). VHS only.
05. Daydream: From New  Live performances from Madison Square Garden,
York To Tokyo           NY and Tokyo Dome, Japan. DVD only (see T3). Tracks:
                        SONG Title (Venue)
                        01. Fantasy (Tokyo Dome)
                        02. Fantasy (Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB) (MSG)
                        03. Make It Happen (MSG/Tokyo Dome)
                        04. Underneath The Stars (Tokyo Dome)
                        05. Dreamlover (Tokyo Dome)
                        06. One Sweet Day (MSG)
                        07. Forever (Tokyo Dome)
                        08. Always Be My Baby (Tokyo Dome/MSG)
                        09. Hero (MSG/Tokyo Dome)
                        10. Anytime You Need A Friend (Tokyo Dome)
06. VH1 Divas Live      Features Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gloria
                        Estefan, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. VHS, DVD and
                        CD/MD (audio) available. Tracks featuring Mariah:
                        CHAPTER/Track Song Title
                        01. My All- Mariah Carey
                        02. Make It Happen- Mariah Carey
                        08. Chain Of Fools- Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey
                        13. A Natural Woman- The Divas
07. Around The World    Live performances from around the world. VHS
                        and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD.
                        01. Start
                        02. Butterfly Intro/Emotions
                        03. Fantasy
                        04. Dreamlover
                        05. My All
                        06. Japan/New York
                        07. Conversation
                        08. I Still Believe
                        09. I'll Be There- with Trey Lorenz
                        10. Fun In Australia
                        11. Hopelessly Devoted To You
                            - with Olivia Newton-John
                        12. Number Ones Fan Appreciation Party
                        13. Whenever You Call- with Brian McKnight
                        14. Honey
                        15. Hero
                        16. Butterfly clip [unindexed]
                        17. Breakdown clip [unindexed]
                            - with Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony
                        18. The Roof clip [unindexed]- with Mobb Deep
                        19. My All clip [unindexed]
08. Number Ones         Video clips and live performances. VHS
                        and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD.
                        01. Start
                        02. Intro
                        03. Heartbreaker
                        04. My All
                        05. Honey
                        06. Always Be My Baby
                        07. One Sweet Day
                        08. Fantasy- with ODB
                        09. Hero (NBC special)
                        10. Dreamlover
                        11. I'll Be There (MTV Unplugged)- with T Lorenz
                        12. Emotions
                        13. I Don't Wanna Cry
                        14. Someday (MTV Unplugged)
                        15. Love Takes Time (NBC special)
                        16. Vision Of Love (Fox special)
                        17. Heartbreaker [unindexed] (remix)
                            - with Missy Elliot, Da Brat etc.

(ii) [Video singles]

01. Honey               Both versions of the Honey video clip.
                        See M2g below. VHS PAL only.
02. My All & Breakdown  Includes the original My All clip and the
                        Breakdown clip. See M2g. VHS NTSC only.


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