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M2g. Clip videography (Mariah Carey)


This article is from the Mariah Carey FAQ, by Kade Hansson kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au with numerous contributions by others.

M2g. Clip videography (Mariah Carey)

CLIP Title              DESCRIPTION
1. Vision Of Love       Set at the bottom of a staircase, on a large window
                        sill looking out onto flowing clouds. Mariah wears
                        a black jumpsuit.
2. Love Takes Time      Black and white. Set on a beach. Mariah wears a one
                        piece swimsuit, wrapped in a blanket.
3b. Someday (extended)  Set in a school. Mariah wears a wide-neck black top
                        and blue jeans.
4. I Don't Wanna Cry    Sepia. Set in a living room.
6b. Emotions (extended) Sepia brown and blue; black and white. Shots
                        of Mariah riding in a convertible, with
                        some dancers, etc.
7. Can't Let Go         Black and white. Set on a terrace. Mariah wears her
                        hair in a beehive.
8. Make It Happen       Mariah sings to an audience in a church.
9a/b. IBT/IIO           Live performances at Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY.
10. Dreamlover          Mariah in a field, swimming in a stream and riding
                        in a hot air balloon. Letterbox approx. 16:9.
13b. AYNAF (remix)      Black and white. Mariah with straight hair. Behind
                        the scenes shots and out-takes.
14a. AIWFCIY            Shots from: Merry Christmas album photo shoot,
                        Mariah's Christmas home videos.
14b. AIWFCIY (mimed)    Mimed sound stage performance (usu. black and
                        white), Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers
                        Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers behind;
                        Mariah wears a Santa type dress.
15. Miss You Most (ACT) Shots from: Mariah's Christmas home videos.
16a. Joy To The World   Live performance at St John The Devine, NY;
(live)                  Arrangement similar to JTTW (Celebration Mix).
16b. Joy To The World   Mariah in full length red dress, in the street and
(remix)                 playing around with friends at the airport.
                        Arrangement is JTTW (Celebration Mix).
17a. Fantasy            Set in an amusement park.
17b. Fantasy (rap       Set in an amusement park. Features rap segments by 
version)                Ol' Dirty Bastard.
18a. One Sweet Day      Set in a recording studio.
18b. One Sweet Day      Mimed performance for live television broascast.
19. Open Arms           Live performance at Madison Square Garden, NY.
20a. Always Be My Baby  Mariah on a swing, wearing blue.
20b. Always Be My Baby  Black and white. Filmed at the recording studio
(rap version)           in Mariah's mansion with Da Brat and Xscape.
21. Forever             Live performance at Tokyo Dome, Japan.
22a. Honey              A Spanish-speaking Mariah escapes the villans by
                        jet-ski. Mariah begins in a black dress, strips to
                        a cream bikini after jumping into a pool, changes
                        into a wetsuit for the jet-ski sequence etc.
                        Interleaved are dancing sequences featuring Mariah.
                        Set in Puerto Rico. Letterbox approx. 2:1.
22b. Honey (rap         The same action sequences as the original
version)                version, but supplemented with additional scenes
                        featuring Mase, The Lox and Puffy, including one
                        where Mariah climbs aboard a helicopter.
23. Butterfly           Mariah is in bed, wearing white, looking out to
                        a horse under a tree outside the window. She decides
                        to 'fly'. Letterbox approx. 16:9.
24. Breakdown           Mariah is in a casino dressed in various guises
                        as a showgirl. Her costumes: an exceedingly short
                        black minidress with exposed stockings and
                        suspenders, and a bowler hat; a tiger-striped dress
                        with some kind of crown and feather arrangement; and
                        a full length dress surrounded by a boa.
25a. My All             Black and white. Mariah adrift near a light-
                        house. Dreams of being reunited with the keeper.
26. The Roof            Mariah and a friend suck lollipops while some
                        breakdancers strut their stuff. Interleaved with
                        shots of Mariah and her boyfriend reclined on a
27. Sweetheart          Details unavailable.
28. When You Believe    Mariah and Whitney Houston sing on stage over
                        scenes from the Prince Of Egypt.
29. I Still Believe     Mariah sings for the soldiers, a la Marilyn
30a. Heartbreaker       Mariah and her friends prey on Mariah's
                        character's ex-boyfriend. Set in a movie theatre,
                        the feature showing is an animated representation
                        of Mariah. Stars ex-Sliders Jerry Connell as
                        Mariah's ex.
30b. Heartbreaker       Black and white. Mariah, Da Brat and Missy
(remix)                 strut around. Mariah is on rollerblades. Mariah
                        is also seen washing a car at the "Rainbow Wash".
31a. Thank God I Found  Mariah and 98 Degrees sing to an open air
You                     audience.
31b. Thank God I Found  Mariah in a cowgirl hat sings in a club
You (remix)             environment. Pillarbox approx. 1:1.
32.  CTTA (Mariah's     Mariah lying down watching slow-motion   
Theme)                  biographical tributes on TV.
33.  Crybaby            Mariah raids the kitchen. Letterbox approx.


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