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M2e. Videography index (Mariah Carey)


This article is from the Mariah Carey FAQ, by Kade Hansson kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au with numerous contributions by others.

M2e. Videography index (Mariah Carey)

Video albums and singles are only available on VHS videocassette unless
otherwise stated.

(i) [Video albums (5)]

VIDEO Title                                                     Year
01. The First Vision                                            1991
02. MTV Unplugged +3 ++                                         1992
03. Mariah Carey (NBC TV Special)                               1994
04. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live At MSG (Fox TV Special)          1996
05. Daydream: From New York To Tokyo (Fox TV Special) *         1997
06. VH1 Divas Live (VH1 TV Special) +                           1998
07. Around The World **                                         1999
08. Number Ones **                                              1999

* Available only as a DVD (see question T3).
** Available as DVD or VHS videocassette. 8 available on CD/MD (audio) also.
+ Available as DVD, VHS videocassette or CD/MD (audio).
++ Available as VHS videocassette or CD (audio).

(ii) [Video singles (2)]

VIDEO Title                                                     Year
01. Honey (Australia, UPC 664747 5, rated PG)                   1997
02. My All & Breakdown (US, 38V78446, rated PG)                 1998

(iii) [Video clips (36)]

CLIP Title                              Directors               Year
01.  Vision Of Love                     Bojan Bazelli           1990
02.  Love Takes Time                    Jeb Bien, Wayne Maser   1991
03a. Someday                            Larry Jordan            1991
03b. Someday (extended)                 Larry Jordan            1991
04.  I Don't Wanna Cry                  Jeb Bien                1990
05.  There's Got To Be A Way                                    1990
06a. Emotions                           Jeff Preiss             1991
06b. Emotions (extended)                Jeff Preiss             1991
07.  Can't Let Go                       Jim Sonzero             1991
08.  Make It Happen                     Marcus Nispel           1992
09a. I'll Be There (live)               Larry Jordan            1992
09b. If It's Over (live)                Larry Jordan            1992
10.  Dreamlover                         Diane Martel            1993
11a. Hero                               Larry Jordan            1993
11b. Hero (version)                                             1993
12.  Without You                        Larry Jordan            1994
13a. Anytime You Need A Friend          D Federici              1994
13b. AYNAF (remix)                      D Federici              1994
14a. All I Want For Christmas Is You    Diane Martel            1994
14b. AIWFCIY (mimed)                                            1994
15.  Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)  Diane Martel            1994
16a. Joy To The World (live)                                    1994
16b. Joy To The World (remix)                                   1996
17a. Fantasy                            Mariah Carey            1995
17b. Fantasy (rap version)              Mariah Carey            1995
18a. One Sweet Day                                              1995
18b. One Sweet Day (live)                                       1995
19.  Open Arms (live)                   Larry Jordan            1996
20a. Always Be My Baby                  Mariah Carey            1996
20b. Always Be My Baby (rap version)    Mariah Carey            1996
21.  Forever (live)                     Larry Jordan            1996
22a. Honey                              Paul Hunter             1997
22b. Honey (rap version)                Daniel Pearl            1997
23.  Butterfly                                                  1997
24.  Breakdown                          Diane Martel            1998
24a. Breakdown (no rap)                 Diane Martel            1998
25a. My All                             Herb Ritts              1998
25b. My All (remix)                     Herb Ritts              1998
26.  The Roof (remix)                                           1998
27.  Sweetheart                                                 1998
28.  When You Believe                                           1998
29.  I Still Believe                                            1998
30a. Heartbreaker                                               1999
30b. Heartbreaker (remix)                                       1999
31a. Thank God I Found You                                      1999
31b. Thank God I Found You (remix)                              2000
32.  CTTA (Mariah's Theme)                                      2000
33.  Crybaby                                                    2000

1,2,3b,4 appear on video album 1. First Vision
6b,7,8 appear on video album 2. MTV Unplugged +3
10 appears on video album 3. Mariah Carey
13b,18a appear on video album 4. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live at MSG
23,24,25a,26 appear on video album 7. Around The World (DVD)
06a,09a,10,11a,17b,18a,20a,22a,25a,30a appear on video album 8. Number Ones
22a,22b appear on video single 1. Honey
24,25a appear on video single 2. My All & Breakdown


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