The Grandmother (SCENAR-035) had another posterity line under the label of classical SCENARs; it was another big family growing up under the roof of Alexander Karasev’s LET Medical. You can look at the evolutionary spiral of those devices on the LET Medical website (click on English version), in the history section. A lot of machines are shown there, many with different purposes. As Dr. Alexander explains, "My devices have different purposes for application. It is impossible to create a GOOD device that would be suitable absolutely in any situation!!" However, he still seems to have favorites amongst his babies. I know for a fact that he has particularly tender feelings towards the SCENAR-612 model, which is now out of production.

The development of LET Medical SCENARs went through the 500, the 600, and now is in the 700 series. Here is what Alexander says about the break-through in the SCENAR evolution that is in his newest model (SCENAR-735). "I tried to advance the device (model 035) in technical aspect in the 1980-s but then gave this up. The real enhancement in effect of treatment was using microresonances and information transfer in the 735 model. All other features gave only little improvements". "We are partially using some properties of information transfer phenomenon in our 735 models and in greater extent in SCENAR-SCREEN equipment to involve the whole body in the process of treatment, together with the technology of "mirroring" information, to enhance the effect of self-treatment and protection of the operator using the device on a patient from the influence of the information field. Models ENS-03 (and deriving 97 series - I.K.) produced a certain side-effect based on the above phenomena, because they could not provide protection of the operator from informational influence, i.e. while treating a patient, or some time later, the doctor could experience the same symptoms of the disease the patient was treated for."

So, that’s where the SCENAR evolution is going. The 735 model (in particular, the 735-5Ag version with silver electrodes) is, undoubtedly, the most luxurious device on the market today, the Lamborghini Diablo of SCENARs. Along with the SCENAR, it also incorporates the new COSMODIC technology and focuses on the regenerative abilities of the body, the stem cells, particularly. The reported results are just phenomenal. While the device is expensive, the electronics are of the highest quality, and, in general, the machine is well worth it.

735-5Ag can be even more expensive, if you customize it and replace the silver electrodes with the gold ones, through a special order. I am not sure if this increases effectiveness, but will definitely make your SCENAR unique, something like Princess Grace’s car.

735-5 and 735-5L represent simplified versions of 735-5Ag. They are good and effective units while being reasonably priced, by comparison. There is also a semi-professional 705 device in a little square box that is suitable for self-care, as well as for occasional use in your practice. Overall, it is a quite convenient and reliable device for every day, a hard worker without glamour, the VW Beetle.

One of the main features of the 700 series units is almost complete automation. The operator’s involvement in the design of the procedure is minimal. Just watch the figures on the display, compare them in order to select the optimal area for treatment - and stay there waiting for the clever machine to let you know when it’s enough. As our young ones would say, ‘no brainer’. Simple and effective.

There are two sides to every coin, though. Considering the bigger picture and the device evolution, complete automation is probably a good thing. By eliminating operator’s miscalculations and errors, it substantially increases the efficiency of therapy, saving you valuable time and efforts. It also allows you to use the unit to its full potential and, very importantly, greatly simplifies the training procedure. Most of the SCENAR training programs, especially of higher levels, are overloaded with information about the Objective mode techniques - very powerful indeed, if performed correctly, but way too sophisticated for the average practitioner. These techniques are designed for the 97.4-type devices and any drastic change in the device’s electronics would shake the very core of the current Objective mode methodology. Operational principles of the 700s almost fully eliminate the need for the Objective mode techniques as we now know them.

At this point, I want to avoid any misunderstanding. The 700 units do not jeopardize any of the fundamentals of SCENAR therapy, which are universal. We are still looking for small asymmetries - subjectively and objectively. It is only the method in our Objective search that differs for 735 and 97.4-type devices. In The Mother’s family, the search is complicated and always reflects the operator’s skills and level of training. In 735, the search is automated and done mostly electronically, with minimal input from the operator.

As Dr. Karasev puts it, ’the power of SCENAR of OLD generation without excessive training can only be demonstrated by 3% of untrained users, by not over 20% of individuals who got general training, and by 55-60% of users who got multi-level training. But this only relates to OLD SCENAR-technology. The main objective in design of devices of new generation is minimum user’s control and maximum automation. Models of the latest technology can treat the body from any part of it, i.e. you can put the electrode on your finger and treat your heart or whatever else. When our devices are concerned, 70% of users who just read the User’s Guide are successful from the very beginning.’

I am not so sure about the finger yet. The 735’s are excellent devices, but from my experience, they still should to be used on specific small asymmetries, which the User’s Guide and the body’s language can help you find. But then again, you never now what else Alexander Karasev has up his sleeve… According to him, ’the first era of SCENAR-technology has reached its climax and the 7th stage of its development is coming to an end! The new era – COSMODIC technology is knocking at the door and it will not be just a local treatment, but a global correction of the broken-down codes of the whole body.’