In 1997 OKB Ritm launched a '97'series of SCENARs. Models 97.0 and 97.2 can still be seen on the Ritm's website, switch to the English version), even though they did not have a chance to a good life because of suppression by The Mother of SCENARs – the 97.4 model. It was (and still is) the most successful successor of the 'troika'. It was born at the time as SCENAR was stepping out of Russia - that's why this model is so well known in the West. It replaced SCENAR-035 almost everywhere, being more convenient, modern, though still carrying the bulky rectangular 'remote control' design. The manufacturing culture has left its marks (on the outside as well as inside the unit). 97.4 is like your favorite truck - it doesn't really matter how it looks as long as it does what it suppose to. SCENAR 97.4 gets the job done.

Later on, The Mother was cloned by its creators. The features of 97.4 were incorporated into several variations of it, manufactured by different companies around the globe (under the Ritm's license). There was Kosmed in Europe, Neuroscenar 97.4 in the USA (both the splitting image of 97.4), Space Healer in Hong Kong (simplified to the extreme 97.4, kind of 'Mini-me'). All these machines did a lot of good, helping many people regain the state of health and spreading awareness about the SCENAR technology, because all of them openly admitted their family ties to the SCENAR and used the SCENAR research in their promotional materials. Just as Alexander Karasev said, 'various manufacturers will create competition, and thus promote progress!' These devices didn't really compete with each other or with classical SCENARs yet; not enough of them have been released into the market, but they did promote progress.

A few modifications made by Ritm's engineers evolved the SCENAR 97.4 into 97.4+ (consequently also Neuroscenar 97.4+ in the USA), also a very successful and effective classical SCENAR that is quite liked in the SCENAR community. Initially it had the typical rectangular look of a Ritm's device, and that is how it is still looks on Ritm's website. At the same time, Ritm began working on a new machine, which was tentatively called '2003 model' and had a completely new look. On Ritm's site it is presented as the SCENAR-NT 'with graphic display of information'… and from this point a mystery begins.

It looks like the new Ritm device was never actually born. It also looks like the plastic cases designed for it now carry the 97.4+ content. All of this is very confusing, at least from my point of view. You order the 97.4+ from Ritm - and you get a device with a new design and also with the letters GS or AS on top of it (God only knows what it stands for, hopefully for the 'Adaptive Stimulator'). However, the paperwork says that you've got the SCENAR 97.4+. So you go to their site to clarify the confusion - and see there the old rectangular unit. Huh?..

An almost identical unit (I mean, the old lady 97.4+ in a new dress), with a few minor modifications is now being produced in Holland under the name of RITMSCENAR. At least they have this name written right on the case – and their website has the matching information!

So that's where we stand at the moment with regards to The Mother's SCENAR 97.4 family, which lives under the roof of OKB Ritm and its affiliates. We have 'the 97 generation', mostly represented now by:

  • 'The SCENAR 97.4+ in a new case’ (this phenomenon does not seem to have a name) and its identical twin in Europe RITMSCENAR
  • The SCENAR 97.5, derivative and upgrade of 97.4 and 97.4+ (both can literally be upgraded to 97.5 without changing any hardware).
  • We also have the little ones, ChENS SCENARs (in 3 versions), manufactured in Holland as AutoSCENARs – very nice, efficient, and cost-effective units designated mostly for self-care and also to be convenient to carry anywhere as ‘a pocket ambulance’. In spite of their small size, they are classical SCENARs and produce all the SCENAR effects. They don’t have the LCD display yet are still capable of the expert-evaluation of the treatment area. They will get you where you want to go. Nice bikes.

The Mother's family is large and has spread all over the world (the USA lost their license to manufacture classical SCENARs though). However, technology-wise it did not evolve much since 1997, and it doesn't look like the situation is going to change in the near future. Are we witnessing a sunset of a great generation? Is it possible that this generation will be 'gone with the wind' a few years from now? And if so, what will the new generation look like? Where is it coming from? What is going to happen to the huge methodological and training base developed specifically for the old generation? Just wondering…