As much as I don’t want to interrupt the flight of your imagination, I have to mention at this point the other side of the ‘coin’ of the complete automation of SCENAR. I may sound too conservative here, but as a practitioner, I still like the good old interaction you observe and feel working with SCENARs of the ‘old generation’. i.e. with The Mother’s family. Your SCENAR becomes an extension of your hand, as well as your entire being. It connects you to a client’s system allowing for a free energy and information transfer that goes both ways. I am pretty sure that this quality, alongside with the SCENAR’s own therapeutic effects, is what makes the SCENAR technology so dramatically, and almost magically, effective. It also explains different therapeutic outcomes, when the same treatment techniques and the same devices in similar health situations are used by different practitioners.

To me, SCENAR is a tool of systemic interaction. Energy and informational resources of the imbalanced system (the client) need to be complemented by the resources of the stronger and better balanced systems surrounding it (the SCENAR and the therapist), in order to regain the state of balance (i.e. the state of health). I am not going to go into details of interactions within this triangle (it’s a topic for another discussion), but will simply mention that at the end, each part of the triangle acquires a stable and balanced state. There is a small chance that if the client’s system is so badly imbalanced, that, with the open channel of information transfer, it will temporarily affect the therapist – and sometimes even the device (believe it or not)! However, strong systems can usually handle that with ease. (That’s where the old truth ‘physician, heal thyself’ starts really making sense.)

The SCENAR’s ability to facilitate energy and information transfer between living systems is one of the greatest advantages of this technology, in my opinion, and I am just not sure that putting limitations on this ability by blocking information transfer between the client and the therapist won’t also limit our chances to see the practical magic of SCENAR in action.

On the other hand, maybe SCENARs of the new generation will not limit anything, but rather take it to another level. They will be the mirrors for the physical body while a therapist reflects the client’s mental and spiritual essence. We will probably know more when we have more ‘new generation’ SCENARs around and accumulate more empirical evidence.

At this point, those of us who worked with both 97.4-type and 735 devices tend to have a similar opinion with regards to ‘the therapist – the device’ interaction, in both cases. The Mother’s family machines, working independently, at the same time somehow energetically connect you to the client, amplifying your natural powers as a healer. The 735 seems to have ‘a mind of its own’. You, as the practitioner, become pretty much ‘the one holding the machine’ – which, of course, does not prevent you from connecting to the client on a different level and uninterruptedly concentrating your efforts on the subtle matters of deeper healing layers.

Even though the difference in interactive abilities (‘practitioner-wise’) of both families of classical SCENARs is quite noticeable, it cannot be quantified. We cannot simply say that one is better or worse than the other – they are just different. The truth of the matter is that we need both. Sometimes you strongly feel that your close energetic connection to a client will be beneficial and reach for your 97.4; other times, you intuitively distance yourself but don’t want to lose the efficiency of your treatment and use the 735.

Paraphrasing Dr. Alexander Revenko, in a better world, a practitioner will have at his/her disposal a few various SCENAR models to choose from, depending on each situation. I would say, in an ideal world, we will not need SCENARs at all. We will not need devices to connect to each other and balance each other’s energy fields in our daily interactions. SCENARs will be replaced by our own hands led by the wisdom of unconditional love.

In the meanwhile, we still need the SCENAR fair.