What is SCENAR, what does it mean? SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. It is a new generation of reflex biofeedback. (a type of electrotherapeutic device)

I understand the SCENAR has been used in Russia for a long time-when was it developed?

SCENAR technology was first invented in Russia in mid 80s by A. Karasev. The device was further developed by a group of scientists based in Taganrog. Originally, it was developed under the umbrella of the Russian space and military program. SCENAR Therapy was first introduced to the UK in 1995 and since spread across the world to the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Asia.

How does the SCENAR work?

SCENAR is of the new generation of non-invasive health technology which is directed at activating the self-healing resources of the human body. There are a few key points: Complex biofeedback reactions include:

Electrical impulses from the device generate informational input in the body

The SCENAR, through the skin, communicates with the nervous system on three levels:

  • locally where you touch
  • the zone or spinal segment related to where you touch
  • to the Central Nervous System including the brain

In response to a SCENAR impulse, regulative neuro-peptides and body own endorphins are released.

How was the SCENAR introduced to you?

Dr. Jacobs, a British M.D., who works in the field of alternative medicine told me about the "Russian space device", knowing that I was a Russian M.D. This prompted my curiosity and was I went to Russia to study everything about SCENAR therapy.

How long have you been personally working with SCENAR? I have been using it since 1997, so I guess 7 years.

What is your medical background?

I qualified in Kazakhstan (former USSR) as a pediatrician M.D. I worked at the Emergency department, postgraduate in the field of Radiology.

What kind of illnesses have you personally treated with SCENAR?

The nature of the device is a biofeedback, therefore it is difficult for me to break down what conditions I treated. The treatment is addressed to the whole body. Using the SCENAR device we help the body to stimulate the healing processes. We treat people with a variety of illnesses, but not from a particular disease. Just to give you an idea, I have treated people with various sports injuries, any type of back pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, damaged knee, skin conditions, burns, burn scarring, asthma, migraines, scoliosis, IBS, etc.

Have you been successful?

The percentage of success is incredibly high. I would say that out of all patients that I treated during 7 years (I treat almost every day), there were probably 5 people who did not respond. I would state - 98% successful.

Have you personally treated cancer or AIDS with SCENAR, if not, is there any published research on treating such serious illnesses?

I never attempted to treat such complicated diseases like cancer, but helped cancer patients to provide long lasting pain relief. SCENAR therapy is great as a supportive therapy throughout the course of chemo and radio-therapy. It helps to diminish side effects from therapy and releases energy in the body. The patients feel emotionally uplifted as well. With regards of AIDS, there are few of my students in the UK who have done this work with very positive outcomes: in all cases the count of the infected cell diminished in 10 times within a reasonably short period of time. But the treatment was intensive and required commitment from the patient.

Can a layperson use SCENAR effectively?

Yes, we designed a special training course, which enables the person to fluently operate the device and understand the basics of SCENAR therapy sufficiently for him/her to treat him/herself effectively.

Can you treat yourself with SCENAR or does someone need to use it on you?

It is always better when a qualified therapist does work on you, saying that it is helpful if you could apply the device in between sessions as soon as you experience pain or other symptoms.

Can SCENAR be used in conjunction with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy?

Yes, the device is used at the time of the break from chemotherapy. During the rest period SCENAR therapy helps restore functioning and energizes the body.

What kind of future do you see in medicine with SCENAR?

I strongly believe that SCENAR therapy will naturally integrate with medicine and is going to be widely used in combination with various therapies aiming for rehabilitation and restoration of lost function. I also believe that every emergency ward and ambulance will be equipped with the SCENAR as it has very powerful pain relief which can combat shock.

What kind of reaction have you had from colleagues (fellow doctors) to SCENAR?

I see a lot of curiosity from open minded physicians. Ofcourse there is a degree of skepticism in others. Those who had personal experience with treatment are very excited, seeing vast possibility of application.

How has your practice of medicine changed since you began using SCENAR?

My practice is 100% dedicated to the use of SCENAR!

Dr. Zulia Frost is a medical doctor residing in England and she will be conducting SCENAR training in Montreal from May 21-23, 2004 at IKRA Centre Sante Optimale. See ad on following page for more information on SCENAR. For product information or training contact Eric Valeyev at 514.276.9047. A free seminar on SCENAR will be offered on April 17th at IKRA, for more information contact Kris Rosiak at 514.227.4374.