Dear Prospective Patient or Client

Welcome to the world of SCENAR

In electing to seek SCENAR treatment, you have signalled that you intend to enter into a healing partnership with your therapist.  From what we are aware from many thousands of patients who have undergone SCENAR treatment, we feel confident that you will benefit from this decision. 

We generally prefer to refer to patients as clients, as this signifies an active participatory relationship with their health care provider; in contrast to traditional medical practice, where patients tend to rely passively on what their doctor or medical professional prescribes.

Over the 30 plus years that SCENAR technology has been applied and developed in Russia, the best results have been achieved when a balanced healing triangle, which involves the active collaboration between client, the therapist and the SCENAR device, becomes established.  It is for this reason that there needs to be much more of a raport between the patient and therapist in this healing modality, than in many others.  Because of this, ISTA encourages both clients and practitioners to make sure there exists mutual trust between them, otherwise not to hesitate to make alternative treatment arrangements should either side feel that the healing partnership is not developing optimally.

Before selecting a therapist from our list of members, please take the time to read through "what to expect" and "how to select a therapist".  This preparation will act as a valuable first contribution to your entire healing process. 

Please help spread the word about SCENAR  and send us your stories.  For a variety of reasons SCENAR practitioners and therapists are prevented from describing how helpful SCENAR can be in a variety of health challenges.  Thers is however nothing preventing you, the patient, from telling those, who are seeking relief from disorders, how you fared.   We promise only to print your initials and country of residence under any story you send us.

What To Expect

When visiting a SCENAR practitioner, please wear easy to remove clothing as the SCENAR device will need to be brought in contact with your skin.  The location of this contact will depend entirely on the presenting symptoms at the time of your visit and the treatment protocol selected by your practitioner.

On your first visit you will be asked to complete a fairly comprehensive health questionnaire which will assist your practitioner select the most suitable protocol for your presenting symptoms.  Following this first interview you will have your first treatment; depending on this, your therapist will discuss a course of treatments with you.  Typically, depending on the cause of the pain for which you have sought treatment, a course of treatment will involve between 5 - 10 visits to a SCENAR practitioner; it is not unknown in Russia for patients to receive 2 treatments a day for a period of weeks.  But circumstances there are different to here.

Depending on the complexity of the issue for which you are seeking SCENAR treatment, you may wish to raise with your practitioner and give consideration to attending a SCENAR clinic in Russia.  Nowhere else in the world will you be able to encounter a group of doctors with a range of specialisations, combined years of SCENAR practice.  A visit to the Russian membership section of this Website will give you an idea of what is available.  If what you seek is not there, please contact us with your requirements.  Prices in Russia are very competitive compared to access to similar professional skills in the West.

Expect the first visit to last around 60 - 90 minutes and subsequent ones from 30 to 45 minutes (the length of treatment is to a certain extent determined by the SCENAR device itself, which will signal the completion of the protocol selected for any particular visit).

Please provide feedback on any visit you make to any of our registered practitioner-members.  All feedback becomes an important part of each member's professional development programme.