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Selenium Sulfide Description

Selenium Sulfide Description


Pronunciation : (se lee' nee um)

Trade Name(s) : Cetavlonc-Conc, Cetrilak mild, Diprovate-MF, Dipsalic, Dipsalic lotion, Ecziderm-S, Elorvera cream, Ionax, Lopiderm-S, Moiskin Cream, Saltopic, Scalpe, Sel Druff plus, Selsun Minerals, Trivate-MF

Why it is prescribed: Selenium sulfide, an anti-infective agent, relieves itching and flaking of the scalp and removes the dry, scaly particles that are commonly referred to as dandruff or seborrhea.

When it is to be taken: As a shampoo, selenium sulfide usually is used twice a week for the first two weeks and then once every one, two, three or four weeks, depending on your response. Do not use it more often. For skin infections, selenium sulfide usually is applied once a day for seven days. If you obtained the lotion without a prescription, follow the instructions on the label. If this medication was prescribed for you, follow the instructions on the prescription label.

How it should be taken: Selenium sulfide comes in a lotion and is usually applied as a shampoo. It is to be used on the scalp, hair and skin only; do not drink it. To use the lotion as shampoo, follow these steps:
1. Remove all jewelry; selenium sulfide may damage it.
2. Wash your hair with ordinary shampoo and rinse it well.
3. Shake the lotion well.
4. Massage one to two teaspoons of the lotion into your wet scalp.
5. Leave the lotion on your scalp for two to three minutes.
6. Rinse your scalp three or four times with clean water.
7. Repeat Steps 4, 5, and 6.
8. If you are using selenium sulfide before or after bleaching, tinting, or permanent waving, rinse your hair with cool water for at least five minutes after applying selenium sulfide to prevent discolored hair.

Special Instruction :
1. Do not use this medication if your scalp is cut or scratched.
2. Stop using the lotion and contact your doctor if your condition worsens or does not improve following regular use as directed.
3. Use the medication as soon as you remember.
4. Do not use it more frequently than your doctor has recommended.

Side Effects :
1. Scalp irritation. Stop using the medication and contact your doctor.
2. Oiliness or dryness of hair and scalp, hair loss, hair discoloration. Rinse your hair thoroughly after treatments.
3. Skin irritation, especially in genital areas and skin folds. Stop using the lotion and contact your doctor.

Other Precautions :
1. Women who are pregnant should inform their doctors. Selenium sulfide should not be used for skin infections during pregnancy.
2. Do not use this medication on children younger than two years of age without a doctor's permission.
3. Avoid getting selenium sulfide in your eyes. If the medication gets into your eyes accidentally, rinse them with clear water for several minutes.
4. Do not let selenium sulfie touch inflamed raw skin.
5. Do not leave selenium sulfide on your hair scalp or skin for long periods.

Storage Conditions :
1. Keep this medication in the container it came in, and out of the reach of children.
2. Store it away from heat; do not allow it to freeze.

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