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1.12 - Changes History

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

1.12 - Changes History

The version history was last wiped in version 1.9.1 of the FAQ.

Version 1.9 (11/4/00):
- Parasite Eve II has been added to section 3.
- The sizes of all the Final Fantasy games have been added to article 4.1.7.
- The "death chart" in article 4.1.6 has also been updated.
- As usual, the glossary has been updated.

Version 1.9.1 (11/20/00):
- Now that Final Fantasy IX is out, large parts of this FAQ have been
updated to contain information about the newest game out there.
- The glossary has been updated again. It just never ends!
- The URLs have also been updated.
- It's been a while since the version history has been cleaned out, so
it's beend done in this release.

Version 1.9.2 (1/8/01):
- There are a number of new glossary updates once again.
- By popular request, article 4.10.4 has been written about defeating
Adel in FF VIII.

Version 2.0 (7/8/01):
- OK, your FAQ maintainer was suddenly motivated to update this thing
after letting it rest for half a year. It must have had something to do
with the fact that Final Fantasy IV has finally been officially released
in its full, uncensored form in North America. As Square Soft themselves
put it, it's about time!
- Several old, obsolete articles have been rewritten or updated.
- Now that there are _five_ different versions of Final Fantasy IV
floating around out there, new article 4.3.16 attempts to classify the
five versions into two categories, "original" and "easytype."
- Some of the URLs in article 1.10 have been updated.
- There are several new glossary items here. Keep these updates coming,
folks! Your FAQ maintainer is trying his part, too.
- Something of a background has been written for Legend of Mana.
- Background is now included for Front Mission and Final Fantasy
- Added new spaces for All-Star Pro Wrestling and Final Fantasy
- Updated some of the Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger content to be
consistent with the PSX versions of the games.
- Added a new hint for the PSX release of Chrono Trigger (thanks to Zach
- Moved Vagrant Story hints from article 4.11 to 5.7 for consistency
reasons. Not sure why it was in section 4 in the first place.
- Added the single most asked question ever about Final Fantasy IX to
article 4.11.

Version 2.0.1 (9/11/01):
- Several URLs to other Square-related sites have been updated or
- The glossary, as usual, is slightly updated.
- Since it's been requested that the FAQ be more comprehensive about
false rumors, article 1.9 has been rewritten to more extensively cover
Square urban legends. We suggest everyone reads it. Now.
- A few minor changes here and there that probably aren't worth

Version 2.0.2 (12/30/02):
- Acknowledged the release of a new Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy X.
- Updated some parts to discuss the FF animated movie, Final Fantasy:
The Spirits Within.


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