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1.11 - Copyright, disclaimers, etc.

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

1.11 - Copyright, disclaimers, etc.

This FAQ is Copyright 1996-2000 by Nick Zitzmann.

DISCLAIMER #1: This FAQ is provided "as is" without any express or
implied warranties. I (Nick) have made every possible effort to make
sure that the information contained in this FAQ is correct, but in the
event that something is wrong, then I am not to blame.

DISCLAIMER #2: Neither I nor any of the participants of
alt.games.final-fantasy are in any way related to Square Soft or its
employees, etc. Everything here is unofficial to Square.

DISCLAIMER #3: The participants of alt.games.final-fantasy and myself
speak only for ourselves, not Square Soft or Nintendo or Sony or our
employers or any other related company.

DISCLAIMER #4: We live in a sick society if we have to have disclaimers
on everything... (That's what I think, at least.)

This FAQ is to go over some of Square Soft's games, answer questions,
etc. If you see anything missing from the FAQ, please send it to Nick
at: nickzman@eskimo.com

Please take the time to edit your post. Specifically, do not quote the
entire FAQ just to add a few lines worth of a response. If you're going
to send a generic reply to this FAQ, then it might just be better not to
quote at all. Thank you...

I accept mail from almost every non-rogue site.

I will not accept mail from these sites:
- Anything within the agis.net network (are they still around?)
- Any site with an invalid IP address, or messages with blank IDs
(Due to constant abuse and receiving nothing useful from these sites, I
will never read mail sent from them.)

Followup-To header has been purposely set to "poster" - if you did a
real followup, the post would also go to every UseNet newsgroup this FAQ
is posted to, including several moderated ones (alt.answers and
news.answers). However, some newsreaders out there are brain-dead and
will ignore the Followup-To line completely! If you followup to this
article, make **absolutely** sure that you are following up in E-Mail
only. Thank you.

The latest version of this FAQ will always be always be available via
(This FTP server is the official repository for UseNet FAQs. The most
current version can usually be found here several days after it's

Feel free to do the following with the FAQ:
- Read, share, and enjoy. <8*)
- Distribute the FAQ as long as Article 1.11 and my copyright are
- cite bits and pieces of the FAQ, as long as you make it clear that
you're citing a piece from the alt.games.final-fantasy FAQ.
- If you can fill in an empty part of the FAQ, let the maintainer know.

You may **NOT** do the following to the FAQ:
- Sell or otherwise commercially distribute this FAQ for or not for
monetary purposes without the explicit written permission of the author,
except for downloading off commercial online services which charge.
- Post any part of the FAQ to any online service where, in its terms of
use statement, mentions that posted information becomes the property of
the hosting company.
- Plagerize the FAQ, create derivative copies of the FAQ, or distribute
the FAQ without Article 1.11 present. Please don't do this; the author
works hard to maintain the FAQ and doesn't want to get ripped off.

I and the many others (see article 1.13) who have contributed to the FAQ
have put a lot of time and work into this FAQ. As the maintainer of the
FAQ, I expect all the readers to follow the guidelines above when
dealing with the FAQ. If you don't agree with those guidelines, you must
stop reading this FAQ and destroy any copies you might have made now.

This copyright statement is subject to change without notice, and
applies to all past & present versions of the FAQ.


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