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1.13 - Thank You's and Other Acknowledgements

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

1.13 - Thank You's and Other Acknowledgements

The author would like to thank these people for their help:

- David Powell (David_Powell@brown.edu) for stories and information
about Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure and SaGa III.
- Nicholas Yarymowich (ax164@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) for making a list of
Chrono Trigger endings.
- Tatsushi Nakao (Tatsushi.Nakao@Colorado.EDU) for stories and
information on Rudora no Hihou.
- Chris Killam (logain@atcon.com) for providing information about FF IV
rare items.
- Aki K. Seiya (seiya@ix.netcom.com) for information about the story of
Seiken Densetsu III and info about the Black Market in the same game.
- Rob Vanatta (rvanatta@calweb.com) for the Secret of Evermore story.
- My 11th grade Mythology teacher, who taught me a lot of the stuff you
see in the Final Fantasy Glossary below. <8*)
- D.J. Green (nebulosa@best.com) for the Final Fantasy V story.
- Io (mc3488@mclink.it) for the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest story.
- Laurence Hartje (lhartje@primenet.com) for mentioning a tip about the
Son of Sun in article 5.1.
- Dan Posluns, for contributing stories for Breath of Fire and Breath of
Fire II, as well as some information about SaGa/FFL III.
- Ian Kelley (ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu) for making several
contributions to the Romancing SaGa stories and pointing out a few other
- Gordon Kam (ckam002@cs.auckland.ac.nz) for the Bahamut Lagoon story.
- Alan Kwan (tarot@netvigator.com) for the Hanjyuku Hero story.
- The list of FF VI/III Colosseum items was originally by Albert Calis
(aka the All-Mighty Bill, d040963c@dc.seflin.org).
- Kao Megura (cgfm2@hooked.net) was the author of articles 4.5.4 through
4.5.45, as well as article 4.5.48. He also recommended the strategies
mentioned in article 4.5.47. Wow! That's a lot of FAQs answered. Thanks,
Kao, and good job!
- Arlo (ajkristo@students.wisc.edu) for submitting some info about FF
- NF (naavaash@rocketmail.com) for submitting some info about Parasite
- Zach Keene (zjkeene@bellsouth.net) for some help with Einhander and
the origins of "Seibzehn".
- Ace Jayce (glasswalker@ax.apc.org) for information regarding the four
SaGa monsters.
- Zak Gillman (zg317598@oak.cats.ohiou.edu) for providing information
about the Leviathan.
- The home page of Ohara, Japan, home of Miyamoto Musashi,
<http://www.harenet.or.jp/ohara/>, for information used in the glossary
items about Musashi and Kojiro.
- Larry Leow (chickenno1@hotmail.com) for some insight to the origins of
Fei in Xenogears.
- Some of the foreign words in the glossary were confirmed using
AltaVista's translation services at <http://www.altavista.com/>.
- Matthias Lambrecht (mlambrecht@handshake.de) for lots of information
about Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, Xenogears, and Final Fantasy III.
- Neal Wilson (wilcafe@execpc.com) gets the credit for the "open mind
before reading" paragraph in the article 1.1.
- NightShade (Mario.Laubacher@span.ch) and RPGamer for information
regarding Quetzalcoatl, Minotaur, Gato, Gaia, Nouvelle, and Carbuncle in
the glossary.
- Richard Healey (rhealey@bu.edu) for some help with the origins of
Genji, Id, Anima/Animus, and the real amount of damage which the Aire
Tam Storm attack in FF VII is capable of doing.
- Dan Szymborski (czerny@mindspring.com) for providing insight into the
origins of Andvari and Asura.
- The information about Cid in the glossary mostly came from
Encyclopedia Brittanica (<http://www.brittanica.com/>).
- Credit for the information about the changes between the Japanese and
USA releases of Final Fantasy VIII goes to Yuzu-chan (YuzurihaX@aol.com)
and Musashi (kirei_musashi@team-rocket.net).
- The information about Crescens, Dora, Zeal, and Zeboim in the glossary
came from the Catholic Encyclopedia
- Jon Niehof (jnieho38@calvin.edu) for providing some extra information
about changes in Final Fantasy VII.
- Ken Arromdee (arromdee@rahul.net) for confirming those Xenogears city
names were from the Hebrew calendar, and for the suggestion to move some
content around...
- Danos (danos2@theglobe.com) for pointing out an alternate use of the
word "Carbuncle."
- The Dome of the Sky (<http://walt.stcloudstate.edu/Dome/>) is the
source for Regulus in the glossary.
- Chris Foley (chris.foley@sourcesmith.com) for pinpointing the location
of the real-life Ogopogo.
- Daniel Orner (omegaonyx@geocities.com) for submitting glossary
information for the anima relics, Aphel Aura, Ether, Kadomony, Malakh,
Soylent, and Zephyr. He also pointed out the reference to Zeboim.
- Richard Dare (richarddare@netscapeonline.co.uk) for submitting
glossary information for Ifrit, Seraphim, and information about Front
- Jay Decator (DECATJR@aol.com) for submitting glossary information for

Also, thanks to everyone who has submitted minor changes and typo
reports. You know who you are!


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