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4.4.6 Kim Chi


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

4.4.6 Kim Chi

From: Naera Kim naera@panix.com, in rec.food.cooking

These recipes are from a Korean cookbook (translated in English) I
bought in Seoul, Korea. There should be other Korean cookbooks around
at bookstores or at Korean groceries. You can find these ingredients
at a Korean market/gro- ceries. The Korean radishes are lot larger
than the ones you find in regular supermarkets. If there isn't a
Korean market near you then you can improvise by using many smaller
radishes. If you can't find salted shrimps then try using finely
chopped, fresh oysters and/or salted anchovies. I've never used
anchovies before but other people do.

Radish Water-Kimchi (water-kimchi is not spicy but very tasty and
soothing esp. during the summer)

3 medium Korean white radishes
1 bundle of scallion (about 4)
2 firm pears (golden pear is better)
2 red hot peppers, chopped.
6 whole hot green Korean peppers
1 C. coarse salt
3 cloves of sliced garlic
1/4 C. sliced ginger
2 Tbsp. salted shrimp chopped water

1) Select medium firm radishes. Remove roots. Wash and drain. 2) Chop
scallions, 3/4 inch in length. 3) Slice ginger and garlic thinly. Then
wrap garlic, ginger, and salted shrimp in a gauze or cheese cloth and
tie. 4) Roll whole radishes in salt. 5) Peel pear and core the seeds.
Slice them length-wise into 8 strips. 6) Place radishes, garlic,
ginger, salted shrimp, pear, and peppers in a big crock or large heavy
jar and sprinkle w/some salt. 7) Leave them out in room temperature
for 3 days. 8) Pour enough salt water (not too salty) into the crock
so it will cover all ingredients. Weigh them down with something
heavy. Cover w/lid. 9) Let it ferment* to desired taste, slice
radishes to any size before serving. * Make sure to leave some room in
the crock so the kimchi juice can expand while fermenting. I use a
heavy stone, washed and cleaned. This prevents the radishes from
getting soggy. The heavier the weight will make radishes crunchier. To
make water-kimchi ferment more quickly, let it stand in room
temperature for 3 to 4 days (depending on how warm or cold the [room
or out- door] temperature is, if its warm then the kimchi will ferment
lot faster than when its cold). Refrigerate after. You can also leave
them outside during the autumn season. If the water-kimchi is too
salty then add some more plain water to get the desired taste.

* The kimchi will last refrigerated for many months!


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