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15.1.6 Pamphlets


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

15.1.6 Pamphlets

Consumer Information Center, Department EE, Pueblo CO 81009. Ask for the
Consumer Mailing List Catalog. Can order those nifty USDA pamphlets from
this catalog.

The Foodsense series of pamphlets in the UK. Keeping Food Cool and Safe.
The booklet number is PB 1649 and it can be obtained from... Foodsense,
London, SE 99. 7 TT. Tele 01645 556000. There are a number of other book-
lets in this food series covering such things as additives, labels,
pesticides, radioactivity in food, etc. Citation From Ron Lowe .

The Jam & Jelly Times is a newsletter-type publication from SureJell. No
specific subscription info, but return address says: Jam & Jelly Times
from SureJell, P. O. Box 945, Kankakee, IL 60901. (A tip from our woman
in Gedney, Barb Schaller)

The Kerr Kitchen Pantry, 6 pages, each issue focusing on a topic. The
Kerr Kitchen Pantry is published by the Consumer Products Division of Kerr
Group, Inc., 1840 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067. (from Barb

Heinz Successful Pickling Guide, P.O. Box 57, Pittsburgh PA 15230. [That
PO Box is easy to remember, eh?--LEB

The Pleasures of Pickling (1986). 46 pg. Older editions appeared as the
Pampered Pickle, each are from Sifto Salt Division of Domtar Inc. Write
to: Sifto Canada Inc./ 5430 Timberlea Blvd./ Mississauga, Ontario/ Canada
L4W 2T7/ 1-800-387-8580 (from Brenda Sharpe, aj471@freenet.carleton.ca)

Home Meat Curing Guide. Morton Salt. can get at the Cumberland General
Store/ Rt 3/ Box 81/ Crossville TN 38555. 32 pg. 15 meat recipes and various
techniques for curing hams with Morton salt products: dry cure, dry/sweet
pickle cure combination, aged/non-aged cures.

So Easy to Preserve. Agriculture Business Office, 203 Conner Hall,
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Georgia, Athens GA, 30602. This
series is online at the University of Florida site, see below under Internet

Kraft General Foods has booklets and info available: 1-800-437-3284
(1-800-43PECTIN :-) Their Gifts From the Harvest has a couple of conserve
recipes. So, too, does Fruits of the Harvest. And, surprise, Fruits of
the Harvest Beyond the Basics. Not surprisingly, all of their recipes
involve added pectin in one form or another. From Barb Schaller .

Storey Communications, Inc., Department 9300, Schoolhouse Road, Pownal,
Vermont 05262 (1-800-827-8673 or 802-823-5811) publishes a series of
32-page booklets on a variety of topics from "Grow the Best Strawberries"
to "TACK: Care & Cleaning" to "Making Potpourri." Bulletin A-129 is
Making & Using Mustard. From Barb Schaller .
Also has smokehouse plans, from deadbird@aol.com.

Check for pamphlets when you purchase new equipment. I recently found a
multi-lingual pamphlet (English, French, German, Spanish) on canning with
a new waterbath canner.

Seed Catalogs have ordering information for canning supplies, and food
preserving information. Catalogs to check for this include Johnny's Select
Seeds, Gurney's Seed Nursery, Burpee, Henry Fields. Tip 'o the hat to Joan

Check your county extension service office for pamphlets, which can usually
be bought for a dollar or so. Especially important for high altitude canning,
getting recipes specific for locale, even information on U-Pick sites and
local farmers' markets.

The Church of Latter Day Saints can sell you a copy of "Essentials of Home
Production and Storage" which is _really basic_, but a good start. Another
idea is to get catalogs from Emergency Essentials (Ogden, UT), Out-N-Back
(Salt Lake City, UT) and Nitro-Pak Preparedness Ctr (CA). All have 800 #'s,
free catalogs (last I checked) and sell lots of books. Citation from Logan
VanLeigh .


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