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15.1.3 Specific Techniques and Interests


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

15.1.3 Specific Techniques and Interests

Arranged in alphabetical order. If your favorite book isn't here, talk
about it in r.f.p, and I'll put it on the list...

The Art of Accompaniment (1988). Jeffree Sapp-Brooks. ISBN 0-86547-346-
3. {c,p,d}. Some of the most unusual jam/chutney/sauce recipes I've seen.
Love the dried fig jam recipe, still thinking of trying out the carrot/
date marmalade. Lots of quick pickle recipes, a kimchee recipe, even a
recipe for pickling grape leaves for dolmathes..

Better Than Store Bought: Authoritative Recipes for the Foods that Most
People Never Knew They Could Make at Home (1979). Helen Witty, Elizabeth
Schneider Colchie. ISBN 0-06-014693-1. Recipes in this book include those
for crystallized violets, tomato ketchup, German-style mustard, pickled okra,
chutneys, mustards, jellies and jams, gravlax, three recipes for corned beef,
and smoked meats and fish. While you're waiting for the fish to smoke, you
can whip up some pudding mix, or make marshmallows or fig newtons. Recipes
do not appear to be excessively difficult--some, like those for mustards and
flavored liqueurs, are simple--and descriptions of ingredients and finished
products are clear and understandable. Thanks to kvj@mcs.net (Kevin Johnson)

Canning (1983, also various). Bill and Sue Demming. HP Books. ISBN 0-
89586-185-2. {c}.

Canning and Preserving Without Sugar (1993). Norma M. MacRae. ISBN 1-
56440-163-4. (1982). ISBN 0-914718-71-1, Published by Pacific Search
Press in 1982. from Ellen Wickberg {c}

Clearly Delicious (1994). Elizabeth Lambert-Ortiz, Judy Ridgway. ISBN

The Country Kitchen (1979). Jocasta Innes. Frances Lincoln Publishers LTD,
London. ISBN 0-906459-01-X This book also contains recipes for scones and
blackcurrant jam, besides many others, many of which touch on preservation
topics, including curing hams and bacon, salting and smoking fish, making
pickles, chutneys, preserves, butter, cheeses, etc. Review from James
Harvey .

Don Holm's Book of Food Drying, Pickling, and Smoke Curing (1992). Don and
Myrtle Holm. ISBN 0-870004-250-5. {dr,p,s,cr}

Dry It - You'll Like It (1974). Gen MacManiman. Published by MacManiman,
Inc., P.O. Box 546, Fall City, WA 98024. from . {dr}

European Peasant Cookery: The Rich Tradition (1986). Elizabeth Luard. Corgi
Publishing. ISBN 0-552-12870-8.

The Fancy Pantry (1986). Helen Witty. ISBN 0-89480-094-9. {c,p,d,pt}. The
first food preserving book I ever bought. I still use a lot of the recipes
in it. The pear honey recipe is sinful, so is the green tomato mincemeat.
Cornichon, sundried tomato, pepper flavored vodka, pepper jam, herb jellies.
Excuse me while I go get my waterbath canner..

Farm Journal's Homemade Pickles and Relishes (1976). Betsy McCracken.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 76-14048. {p}

Feast of the Olive (1993). Maggie Beth-Klein. ISBN 0-8118-0523-9.

Several olive curing techniques listed here, also everything you've wanted
to know about different olive oils. {cr}

Fruits of the Desert (1986). Sandal English. ISBN 0-9607-758-0-3.
Preserving fairly exotic fruits, such as kumquats, loquats, fresh figs,
cactus fruits, olives. {c,p,cr,d,dr}

The Glass Pantry: Preserving Seasonal Flavors (1994). Georgeanne Brenner.
ISBN 0-8118-0393-7. {c,p,dr,d,pt}

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing (1984). Rytek Kutas. Self published.
Can be obtained from the author at The Sausage Maker Inc./ 26 Military Road/
Buffalo NY 14207. (716)-876-5521. {s,cr}. If you want to learn how to cure
and smoke meats, and make sausage, this is the place. You can also order
equipment and supplies pertaining to meat preservation here.

The Herbal Pantry (1992). Chris Mead, Emelie Tolley. ISBN 0-517-58331-3.

Herbal Vinegar (1994). Maggie Oster. ISBN 0-88266-843-9. {d}

Home Book of Smoke Cooking Meat, Fish & Game. Jack Sleight and Raymond
Hull. ISBN 0-8117-2195-7. Stackpole Books, Cameron and Kelker Sts.,
Harrisburg, PA 17105. I'm very happy to say that I found a book about
smoking foods that I can recommend. Covers all the essentials from
building a low-temperature home smoker to large-scale production. It
provides some recipes, but mainly is concerned with techniques and methods.
From Paul Hinrichs. {cr,s}

How to Dry Foods (various). Deanna DeLong. HP books. This book is highly
recommended by Anna Louise Gockel, and several other folks in r.f.p.
ISBN 0-89586-024-4

[ ISBN provided by Vicky Shaw. Vicky notes: " The only thing outdated in it
is the jerky information. Here in the northwest the procedures have changed
for drying".]

Keeping Food Fresh (1989). Janet Bailey. ISBN 0-06-272503. This book will
also give you tips on how to select produce from either the supermarket or
garden. {f,rc}

Keeping the Harvest (1990). Nancy Chioffi and Gretchen Mead.
ISBN 0-88266-650-9.

Little Chief Smoker Recipes (?). Is available at: Luhr Jensen and Sons,
Inc./Post Office Box 296/Hood River, OR 97031. from Hank Nolle .

Making and Using Dried Foods (1994). Phyllis Hobson. ISBN 0-88266-615 -0.

Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook (1994). Mary Bell. ISBN 0-688-
13372-X. {dr} from Paul Opitz

Mary Norwak's The Book of Preserves (Jams, Chutneys, Pickles, jellies).
Mary Norwak. ISBN 0-89586-507-6, HPBooks. A tip o' the hat from Barb

Native Harvest (1979). Barrie Kavasch. Vintage Books. Native American
preserving recipes, including pemmican. {dr}

Out of the Sugar Rut (1978). HAH Publications/ Box 2589/ Colorado Springs,
CO 80906. Low sugar canning recipes, from Jean Sumption {c}

Preserving Today (1992). Jeanne Lesem. ISBN 0-364-58653-0. {c,dr,p}

The Rocky Mountain Berry Book (1991). Bob Krumm. ISBN 1-56044-040-6,
Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc. A book to fill a need--how to identify
edible wild berries, then recipes for their use. Preserving recipes are
pretty much jam/jelly/ketchup, with 2 pemmican recipes thrown in. I would
note that the processing times do not mention altering them based on your
elevation, so be sure you remember, especially if you are able to harvest
them locally.--LEB.

Root Cellaring (1994). Mike and Nancy Bubel. ISBN 0-88266-703-3. {rc}

Smoking Salmon and Trout (). Jack Whelan. ISBN 0-919807-00-3. Aerie

Publishing, Deep Bay, Vancouver Island R.R.1, Bowser, B.C. V0R 1G0. This is
probably the best resource for smoking fish that I've ever seen. It is where
I learned the art of cold smoking using a forced draft smoker. Plans on how
to build various smokers are in the book. Also has the best description on
the whys and therefors of marinades and brining that I've ever read. review
from Kai {s}

Summer in a Jar: Making Pickles, Jams, and More (1985). Andrea Chessman.
ISBN 0-913589-14-4. This book has basic canning instructions but also some
inventive recipes. It has a section on single jar recipes (although why
anyone would go to the trouble to can one jar of something is beyond me).
The single jar recipes are, however, successfully increased to make a
reasonable batch. The jam recipes are easy and unusual,they don't require
that you use pectin or make your own apple pectin. My favorite is peach
maple jam. It is low sugar and very tasty. It also has lots of recipes for
vegetable pickles. (from Rachel Beckford ) {c}

--N.B. Many standard cookbooks, such as Joy of Cooking, will give you
information on preserving food and recipes. Check for the most recent edition
and the copyright dates. Ethnic cookbooks often have food preserving or
condiment recipes that can be preserved (refrigerate or freeze if in doubt
about canning them).--


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