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1.5.3 Rings on the jar, or off?


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

1.5.3 Rings on the jar, or off?

Pros and cons of each side:

Pro ring: "looks" more natural, secures the lid if you are mailing canning
jars or storing leftovers in the refrigerator. I like the ring on when I
mail/give something. [ Absolutely - there must be some _insurance_ the
lid will not be loosened with the result of untold ruination - ED]

Con ring: can reuse ring quickly, rings don't rust on jar, doesn't
hide dirty threads or a weak seal. Other ring facts: rings have to be
off if the canned good is to be judged at a county/state fair. Rings
shouldn't be removed until the seal is allowed to fully develop, about
12-24 hrs. Gamut of opinions: From edecker@inforamp.net (Eric Decker)
... "the best canners will NEVER store food with bands on". It is a
point of pride with those canners that their process does not need
"nails and glue" to maintain its integrity. Get thee to an Amish or
Mennonite food/bake sale... Yes, removing bands is the default
condition in serious canning. Heck my grandmother canned a lot of meat
and fish. Never did I see a banded jar in her cellar. Take a peek in
my cellar: I have bottles of fruit in alcohol that have been there
since 1986 without bands. sandy@chinook.halcyon.com (Sandy Fifer)
wrote: What's all the hubbub about leaving the bands on after canning?
When I'm done canning my jam I remove the bands, wash the jars
(sometimes they're sticky from some jam leaking into the canning
water), dry them, test the seal by lifting by the lid, and then
loosely replace the bands. Once the jar is opened you need the band to
seal it anyway, don't you? And don't you give a band with each jar
when you're giving the jars away? And when I'm done with the jam I
wash the jar and store it with the band. All of you who remove the
bands--where do they spend the winter? From:
adhdmd@scc-uky.campus.mci.net (Jackee) After our canned goods have
sealed we always remove the bands, wash and use again. My father says
that was what his grandmother always did, so we just do the same. They
did it because they were dirt poor, why we do I am not sure. From:
jpnan@prairienet.org (Jean P Nance) I find that removing the screw
caps, washing them, and storing them dry pre- vents rust. It seems if
I leave them on, they are much more apt to rust and rust interferes
with a seal. Rust and corrosion are especially bad in rings on
pickles, where some of the acid seems to seep out and collect on the


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