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16 Fantasy Authors List (R)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

16 Fantasy Authors List (R)

**Melanie Rawn (b. 1954)

"The Dragon Prince Trilogy" - Dragon Prince; Star Scroll;
Sunrunner's Fire
"This and the following trilogy take place on the
same world.

"Dragon Star Trilogy" - Stronghold; The Dragon Token;
"Doug sez, "When I finished this series I felt a
real sense of loss. Her description of some of the
female characters in the series made me almost fall
in love with them, and the use of magic as she
describes it is new and innovative."

"Exiles Trilogy" - The Ruins of Ambrai; The Mageborn
Traitor; The Captal's Tower (forthcoming)

"New trilogy set in a different world from the
"Dragon" books.

The Diviner (forthcoming Dec. '97)

"I have no idea what this one is about.

Mickey Zucker Reichert (b. 1962)

"The Last of the Renshai" - The Last of the Renshai; The
Western Wizard; Child of Thunder
"This is a trilogy, so you'll want to have all the
books in hand before you start reading.

"The Bifrost Guardians" - Godslayer; Shadow Climber;
Dragonrank Master; Shadow's Realm; By Chaos Cursed
"Loosely based on Norse mythology.

The Legend of Nightfall
"Standalone fantasy. Sorcerers are a wicked bunch in
this world, and they obtain more power in a
particularly nasty way.

"The Renshai Chronicles" - Beyond Ragnarok; Prince of
Demons; The Children of Wrath (forthcoming June '98)

"Start of a new trilogy that continues the Renshai
story. The balance between Law and Chaos hinges on
the finding of an heir to the Bearnian throne.

Anne Rice (b. 1941)

"Vampire Chronicles" - Interview with the Vampire; The
Vampire Lestat; Queen of the Damned; Tale of the Body
Thief; Memnoch the Devil
"Horror/fantasy series. "Vampire" books are mainly
about the bisexual vampire Lestat and his lover
Louis who are struggling with their vampirism and
their apparent immortality. Be warned - they're
fairly graphic, both sexually and violently
(although nowhere near the latest splatterpunk
offerings from Poppy Z. Brite & her ilk.) These are
usually classified as horror, but Rice is popular
enough that I'm forced to give them a mention on the

"Chronicles of the Mayfair Family" - Witching Hour; Lasher;
"More of Rice's usual mixture of dark fantasy, sex
(kinky and otherwise), and pseudo-intellectual
conversation between shallow (but fashionable!)

immortals. Your faqmaster does not particularly care
for this author.

Jennifer Roberson (b. 1953)

"Chronicles of the Cheysuli" - Shapechangers; The Song of
Homona; Legacy of the Sword; Track of the White Wolf; A
Pride of Princes; Daughter of the Lion; Flight of the
Raven; A Tapestry of Lions
"The Cheysuli are shapechangers, and I believe that
the books in this series can stand alone.

"Tiger and Del series" - Sword Dancer; Sword Singer; Sword
Maker; Sword Breaker; Sword Born (forthcoming April
'98); Sword Sworn (forthcoming)

"The first four in the series were recently
reprinted by Daw Publishing, so if you're missing
any of them, keep your eyes open.

Lady of the Forest
"Robin Hood, from Maid Marian's point of view.

Lady of the Glen
"A Scottish historical romance, with little or no

Michael Scott Rohan (b. 1951)

"Winter of the World trilogy" - The Anvil of Ice; The Forge
in the Forest; The Hammer of the Sun
"A blacksmith gets to save the world.

"Spiral series" - Chase the Morning; The Gates of Noon;
Cloud Castles
"We're living in the Core, but if you look at the
world just the right way, you can sail out into the
Spiral, where all times and places mingle.

Lord of the Middle Air (forthcoming)

"Stand-alone historical fantasy, taking place in the
Scottish borderlands in the 13th century. It's out
already in the U.K., but I don't have a date yet for
the U.S. release.

Maxie's Demon (forthcoming April '97 in U.K., not out in
the U.S.)

"Another standalone, taking place in the world of
the Spiral series.

A Spell of Empire (with Allan Scott)

"The young wizard Volker joins three other travelers
on a dangerous journey.

Joel Rosenberg (b. 1954)

"Guardians of the Flame (1st series)" - The Sleeping
Dragon; The Sword and the Chain; The Silver Crown
"One of the first of the 'Gamers jump for real into
a fantasy world' series, and one of the best.

"Guardians of the Flame (2nd series)" - The Heir Apparent;
The Warrior Lives
"Continuing the first series with a new generation.

The Road to Ehvenor; The Road Home
"Set in the world of "The Guardians of the Flame"
and featuring many familiar characters - this story
features Walter Slovotsky

"D'shai" - D'Shai; Hour of the Octopus
"Open-ended fantasy/detective series. In the same
vein as Glen Cook's 'Garrett' books, only more of an
homage to Rex Stout rather than Raymond Chandler

"Keepers of the Hidden Ways" - The Fire Duke; The Silver
"A new series from Rosenberg, once again involving
people from our world crossing over into another.
This world is Norse-based, with lots of daring deeds
and sword fighting.

Sean Russell
"Asian duology" - The Initiate Brother; Gatherer of Clouds
"Oriental mysticism in a strong first novel (and
this is very definitely one book, split in two only
because 1,000+ page novels are hard to hold.)

"Moontide and Magic Rise duology" - World Without End; Sea
Without a Shore
"Marvelous books. Sean Russell is tremendously
talented. I'm looking forward to more of his work.
This is fantasy of the 'lush verbiage and
magnificently realized world' variety - sword and
sorcery fans might not be quite as enthusiastic.

"The River Into Darkness duology" - Beneath the Vaulted
Hills; In Memory's Dream (forthcoming Aug. '98)

"Oh goody, something new on the horizon from Mr.
Russell. This is a prequel to the 'Moontide and
Magic Rise' books.


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