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15 Fantasy Authors List (P)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

15 Fantasy Authors List (P)

Tim Powers (b. 1952)

The Drawing of the Dark
"Powers' earliest fantasy, and I'm told that it is
back in print. A different look at the Arthur legend
(in 16th century Vienna, of all places).

The Anubis Gate
"All of Powers' books are great, but this is my
favorite. The book that made his reputation. A wild
romp through time with gypsies, Dog Faced Joe, a
hideously evil clown, Egyptian gods, dopplegangers,
a disguised heroine, Samuel Coleridge and oh so much
more. Try it.

On Stranger Tides
"Blackbeard and voodoo - oh my!

The Stress of Her Regard
"Those muses certainly are jealous mistresses...

Last Call
"The Fisher King in Las Vegas.

Expiration Date
"Yet Another Neat Book. This takes place in a modern
Los Angeles much like our own, except that ghosts
exist there.

Earthquake Weather (originally listed as 'Extreme

"Characters from both "Last Call" and "Expiration
Date" appear in this novel. According to his editor,
Powers "begs to inform the world [that this] is the
only time anyone will ever see anything remotely
resembling a series from him."

**Terry Pratchett (b. 1948)

"Discworld" - titles follow
"Your FAQmaker loves these books, and so do enough
other a.f.e. readers to make him an official Highly
Recommended Author. Humorous series, over 15 books
now, and recent books are as good as the first. The
books divide up based on their main characters, but
can all standalone (except the original Rincewind

"Rincewind" - The Color of Magic; The Light Fantastic;
Sourcery; Eric; Interesting Times; The Last Continent
(forthcoming May '98 in the U.K.)

"The first two are the duology that introduced
Discworld. Rincewind is an incredibly incompetent
wizard who gets mixed up with Discworld's first

"Granny Weatherwax" - Equal Rites; Wyrd Sisters; Witches
Abroad; Lords and Ladies; Maskerade
"Granny and her fellow witches are the favorites of
many Pratchett fans. Unlike Rincewind, Granny is

"Death" - Mort; Reaper Man; Soul Music; Hogfather (out in
the U.K., out who-knows-when in the U.S.)

"Yes, Death is a regularly appearing character, with
a horse named Binky and taste for curry.

"Carrot" - Guards, Guards; Men At Arms; Feet of Clay; Jingo
(out in the U.K., forthcoming May '98 in U.S.)

"And then there's Carrot, the six-foot-tall dwarf
(he's adopted), who has come to Ankh-Morpork to make
his fortune... The latest book has Ankh-Morpork and
Klatch preparing to go to war.

Moving Pictures; Pyramids; Small Gods
"These are all standalones about Discworld, and all

Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman)

"NOT a Discworld book, this one is about the End Of
The World. It is due to be reprinted in the U.S. in


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