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17 Fantasy Authors List (S)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

17 Fantasy Authors List (S)

Fred Saberhagen (b. 1930)

"The Books of the Swords" - The First Book of Swords; The
Second Book of Swords; The Third Book of Swords
"The initial trilogy.

"The Books of the Lost Swords" - Woundhealer's Story;
Sightblinder's Story; Stonecutter's Story; Farslayer's
Story; Coinspinner's Story; Mindsword's Story;
Wayfinder's Story; Shieldbreaker's Story
"Each of the "Lost Swords" titles is actually
preceded by 'The First Book of Lost Swords:', 'The
Second Book...' etc. I believe that most of the
"swords" books can be read as stand-alones

"Empire of the East" - The Broken Lands; The Black
Mountains; Changeling Earth
"A prequel to the 'Swords' books, taking place in
the same world.

"Dracula books" - The Dracula Tapes; The Holmes-Dracula
File; An Old Friend of the Family; Thorn
"More tales of Dracula

Merlin's Bones
"Yet Another Version of Arthur and Company

*R.A. Salvatore (b. 1959)

"Icewind Dale" - The Crystal Shard; Streams of Silver; The
Halfling's Gem
"Introduces Drizzt Do'Urden, a dark elf who has
turned his back on his bloody heritage.

"Dark Elf Trilogy" - Homeland; Exile; Sojourn
"Continues Drizzt's story.

"Dark Elf Trilogy II" - Legacy; Starless Night; Siege of
""Icewind Dale" & "Dark Elf" and "Dark Elf II" take
place in the TSR Forgotten Realms setting. I've had
several people mention that 'Dark Elf II' shows a
real drop in quality, although several others loved
it as much as the first two trilogies.

Passage to Dawn
"A final Drizzt story from Salvatore, as he finishes
out his contract with TSR.

"The Cleric Quintet" - Canticle; In Sylvan Shadows; Night
Masks; The Fallen Fortress; The Chaos Curse
"Another TSR series - this one follows a young man
as he grows from a raw acolyte to a powerful

"The Spearwielder's Tales" - The Woods Out Back; The
Dragon's Dagger; Dragonslayer Returns
"Open-ended fantasy series that ISN'T part of any of
the TSR gaming worlds.

"The Crimson Shadow Trilogy" - The Sword of Bedwyr;
Luthien's Gamble; The Dragon King
"New series about a young lord and a halfling
battling to free Eriador from the grip of the
tyrannical Wizard-King Greensparrow.

"Demon series" - The Demon Awakens; The Demon Spirit
(forthcoming April '98)

"A new series.

Christopher Stasheff (b. 1944)

"Warlock series" - Escape Velocity; The Warlock In Spite of
Himself; King Kobold Revived; The Warlock Unlocked; The
Warlock Enraged; The Warlock Wandering; The Warlock is
Missing; The Warlock Heretical; The Warlock's Companion;
The Warlock Insane; The Warlock Rock; Warlock and Son
"Open-ended humorous adventure series that is now
beginning to focus on descendents of the original
hero, Rod Gallowglass (see following listings). The
rationale of this series is really fairly science-
fictional, but the tone is fantasy, and you'll
generally find them marketed as fantasy

"The Warlock's Heirs" - M'Lady Witch; The Quicksilver
"The adventures of the three younger children of Rod
and Gwen Gallowglass.

"Rogue Wizard" - A Wizard in Absentia; A Wizard in Mind; A
Wizard in War; A Wizard in Peace; A Wizard in Chaos; A
Wizard in Midgard (forthcoming June '98)

"Another open-ended series in the 'Warlock'
universe. These feature Magnus, Rod's oldest son.
Note that Stasheff's books have focused more on
adventure and less on humor as the series has

"A Wizard in Rhyme" - Her Majesty's Wizard; The Oathbound
Wizard; The Witch Doctor; The Secular Wizard
"Open-ended series. Matt Mantrell is transported
into an alternate world where rhymes have magical

"The Star Stone" - The Shaman; The Sage; another
"Another new series. This has no connection to his
Wizard or Warlock series, and is more serious in


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