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11 Fantasy Authors List (K)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

11 Fantasy Authors List (K)

**Guy Gavriel Kay (b. 1954)

"The Fionavar Tapestry" - The Summer Tree; The Wandering
Fire; The Darkest Road
"Bad Things Can Happen To Good People in Kay's
books. Be forewarned, but read them anyway. This is
yet another take on Arthurian legend.

"A standalone about a land under a particularly
nasty curse, and the inhabitants' fight to end it.
Complex, very well written. Your FAQmaker tried it
after receiving numerous glowing recommendations,
and now adds her voice to the chorus

A Song for Arbonne
"Another excellent standalone from Kay. The fantasy
world is loosely based on medieval France
(specifically Eleanor of Aquitaine's Court of

The Lions of Al-Rassan
"Kay's latest, set in a time and place reminiscent
of Moorish Spain. Wow, do I like his stuff - great
characters, marvelous story, vivid world. He just
gets better and better. The fantasy content of Kay's
work is shrinking, and it is virtually non-existent
here. Kay has just started on a new book (no details
on the content as yet) which should see print
sometime in 1998.

*Katharine Kerr (b. 1944)

"Deverry" - Daggerspell; Darkspell; The Bristling Wood
('Dawnspell' in the U.K.); The Dragon Revenant
('Dragonspell' in the U.K.)

"_Daggerspell" has recently been re-released in the
U.S. The new edition has been re-edited by the
author, however this consisted mainly of tightening
some passages and some grammatical cleanup. NO
scenes were added or taken out. "Darkspell" has also
been reissued by Bantam Spectra, and it too has been
re-edited by the author, and, according to Katharine
Kerr, "...there are 5 or 6 changes to the action
along the way..." Sarcyn's character undergoes the
most significant changes. A *fine* author - her
readers (and that includes the FAQmaster) recommend
her highly.

"The Westland Cycle" - A Time of Exile; A Time of Omens;
Days of Blood and Fire ('A Time of War' in the U.K.);
Days of Air and Darkness ('A Time of Justice' in the

"More about Deverry.

"The final Deverry tetralogy" - The Red Wyvern; The Black
Raven (forthcoming); 2 more
"The final tetralogy that will complete the story of
Deverry. She intersperses SF novels with her fantasy
output, and they're worth reading, too.

Stephen King (b. 1946)

The Eyes of the Dragon
"Good standalone fantasy (there are so few of those
out there these days...) I enjoyed it, and I am
*not* a Stephen King fan.

"Dark Tower series" - The Gunslinger; The Drawing of the
Three; The Waste Lands; Wizard and Glass
"Eriond says this is a great series that is
improving as it goes along. "It's about a gunslinger
who's seeking his father's murderer, picks up an
"adopted" son and three companions, and is slowly
losing his mind." Eriond also says to skip "The
Gunslinger" - "it's wretched! You don't really need
to read it to understand [the series]" (although
another recommender strongly disagrees with him).

*Katherine Kurtz (b. 1944)

"Deryni Chronicles" - Deryni Rising; Deryni Checkmate; High
"The first published Deryni books. Although these
are not first in the internal chronology of the
series, Kurtz herself has recommended that new
readers start with these. Takes place in a
Wales-like alternate world where a portion of the
population (the Deryni) have magical abilities

"Camber of Culdi" - Camber of Culdi; Saint Camber; Camber
the Heretic
"Jumps back in time to examine the history that lead
to the world of the "Deryni Chronicles."

"The Histories of King Kelson" - The Bishop's Heir; The
King's Justice; The Quest for Saint Camber
"Picks up where the "Chronicles" left off.

"Heirs of Saint Camber" - The Harrowing of Gwynedd; King
Javan's Year; The Bastard Prince
"Apparently, Bad Things *Regularly* Happen to Good
People in the later books of Katherine Kurtz. Her
fans are quite dedicated, and she has a newsgroup at

King Kelson's Bride (forthcoming)

"A standalone continuation of the Deryni saga. Kurtz
is reportedly hard at work on it, but at this point
speculation on the publication date stills falls
into the realm of fantasy.

Two Crowns for America
"A non-Deryni book. This one takes place in an
alternate history colonial America.

Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris (b. 1951)
"The Adept series" - The Adept; The Lodge of the Lynx; The
Templar Treasure; Dagger Magic; Death of an Adept
"Set in modern day Scotland, Kheldar says "I
recommend them to everybody, not just readers of
Sci-Fi/Fantasy." Harris also has several books of
her own out, listed under her name.


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