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12 Fantasy Authors List (L)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

12 Fantasy Authors List (L)

*Mercedes Lackey (b. 1950)

"The Valdemar Books" - titles follow
"Each of the following is a separate series, but
they all take place at various points in the history
of the world of Velgarth (which contains the country
of Valdemar). There is also at least one stand-alone
("By the Sword") about Valdemar. Her fans are as
dedicated as the Jordanites and they have their own
newsgroup at alt.books.m-lackey

"The Last Herald-Mage" - Magic's Pawn; Magic's Promise;
Magic's Price
"Introduces the Herald-Mages and their equine

"Vows and Honor" - The Oathbound; Oathbreakers
"A sorceress and a swordswoman are bound together
with a blood oath that may be impossible to

"Queen's Own" - Arrows of the Queen; Arrow's Flight;
Arrow's Fall
"The story of Talia, the herald to the Queen.

"Mage Winds Trilogy" - Winds of Fate; Winds of Change;
Winds of Fury
"Princess Elspeth of Valdemar becomes caught up in
the Tayledras' war against an evil mage.

"Mage Wars Trilogy (co-authored by Larry Dixon)" - The
Black Gryphon; The White Gryphon; The Silver Gryphon
"The early history of the land of Valdemar.

"Mage Storm Trilogy" - Storm Warning; Storm Rising; Storm
"The most recent series. Valdemar and Karse are old
enemies, but they are forced into an alliance when
they are both threatened by a greater foe.

"A Valdemar standalone that takes place after the
Mage Storms. This one is described as a young adult

"Diana Tregard Investigations" - Burning Water; Children of
the Night; Jinx High
"Supernatural mysteries, featuring Diana Tregard.

"Bardic Voices" - The Lark and the Wren; The Robin and the
Kestrel; The Eagle and the Nightingale
"The books in this series do stand alone. NOT part
of the Valdemar series.

"Bardic Choices" - A Cast of Corbies (co-author Josepha

"A new series in the Bardic Voices world.

The Fire Rose
"A standalone. A 'Beauty and the Beast' style tale
set in pre-earthquake San Francisco.

"A standalone, based on Russian folktales. As you
can see, Lackey is a wildly prolific author, co-
authoring books with everyone under the sun.

Stephen Lawhead (b. 1950)

"The Pendragon Cycle" - Taliesin; Merlin; Arthur;
Pendragon; Grail; Avalon (forthcoming)

"Once again, we return to Camelot..."The quality
disintegrated after the first two books - "Arthur

was disappointing..." according to one recommender.

"The Dragon King Trilogy" - In the Hall of the Dragon King;
The Warlords of Nin; The Sword and the Flame
"A separate trilogy.

"The Paradise War" - The Song of Albion; The Silver Hand;
The Endless Knot
"Doug noted that even though he isn't particularly
a fan of celtic fantasy, these books really appealed
to him.

"'Joining a select band of monks to present a book
to the Holy Roman Emperor himself, Aidan jouneys to
the farthest reaches of the known world,' sez the
advertising released by HarperPrism publishing.

*Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)

"Earthsea" - A Wizard of Earthsea; The Tombs of Atuan; The
Farthest Shore; Tehanu
"Your FAQmaker says: Read these. "Tehanu" was
written 15 years after "The Farthest Shore" - it's
very different in tone from the first three, and
several recommenders specifically DIDN'T recommend
it (But I do. I'll tell you what to do - wait until
you are at least 25 before reading "Tehanu". Age
seems to be the real separating factor between those
who like it and those who don't). These books are
true classics of the genre, beautifully written,
tightly plotted, and engrossing.

Fritz Leiber (1910-1992)

"Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser" - Swords and Deviltry; Swords
Against Death; Swords in the Mist; Swords Against
Wizardry; Swords Against Lankhmar; Swords and Ice Magic;
Knight and Knave of Swords
"Ya wanna know who invented the term 'Sword &
Sorcery'? This is the guy. The series is made up of
short stories, novellas, novelettes, and one novel
(the final book). The above-listed 7 books contain
all the stories, arranged in chronological order,
with "Swords and Deviltry" featuring the Hugo-award
winning "Ill Met in Lankhmar." Note that the final
two books ("Swords & Ice Magic" & "Knight & Knave of
Swords") show, IMHO of course, a real drop in

*C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

"Chronicles of Narnia" - The Magician's Nephew; The Lion,
the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian; The Voyage
of the Dawn Treader; The Horse and His Boy; The Silver
Chair; The Last Battle
"Classic! Look for them in the children's sections.
Most bookstores will have boxed sets available. Note
that "The Magician's Nephew" was actually the 6th
book written, and for many years in the U.S. the
series was printed with it as book six. However,
Lewis preferred that the books be read in the above
order, and recent reprints have respected his

"The Space Trilogy" - Out of the Silent Planet; Perelandra;
That Hideous Strength
"Lewis' adult version of a Christian-allegory

Megan Lindholm (b. 1952)

"A Saga of the Reindeer People" - The Reindeer People;
Wolf's Brother
"Prehistoric fantasy with a minimum of magic.

"Ki and Vandien series" - Harpy's Flight; The Windsingers;
The Limbreth Gate; Luck of the Wheels
"Straightforward fantasy series about a pair of
wanderers in a well-constructed world where humans
are only one of a number of intelligent races. The
fans who have discovered Lindholm via her works
under the pen name 'Robin Hobb' will find these
books the closest in tone and subject to what
they're used to.

Cloven Hooves
"Standalone dark fantasy set in present day Alaska
and Washington state.

Wizard of the Pigeons
"Urban fantasy that has a strong cult following.
Many people consider this to be her best work, and,
of course, it is out of print and difficult to


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