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10 Fantasy Authors List (J)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

10 Fantasy Authors List (J)

Brian Jacques (b. 1939)

"Redwall series" - Redwall; Mossflower; Mattimeo; Mariel of
Redwall; Salamandastron; Martin the Warrior; The
Bellmaker; The Outcasts of Redwall; The Pearls of Lutra;
The Long Patrol (out in U.K., forthcoming in U.S. Feb.
"These are fun. I buy them for my niece, and always
read them myself before I give them to her. Redwall
is an Abbey run by a group of mice, and this series
of standalone books details their adventures. They
are geared toward the children's market (and are
incredibly popular - ask your local children's
librarian about how quickly they fly off the shelves).

Diana Wynne Jones (b. 1934)

"The Dalemark Sequence" - Drowned Ammet; Cart and Cwidder;
The Spellcoats; The Crown of Dalemark
"Young adult standalone novels all taking place in
Dalemark. The first three books all stand alone, and
can be read in any order, but the final book ties
them all together, and will be best enjoyed if
you've read all of the others.

"Crestomanci books" - The Lives of Christopher Chant;
Charmed Life; Witch Week; The Magicians of Caprona
"Stand-alones that all have the magician Crestomanci
involved somehow.

"The Magician Howl series" - Howl's Moving Castle; Castle
in the Air
"The second book of this one is hard to find in the
U.S. - Books of Wonder in New York stocks most of
Jones' work, and they are good place to look if you
can't find a fix anywhere else.

The Homeward Bounders
"Standalone about a boy doomed to wander between

Archer's Goon
A Sudden Wild Magic
"This one is fairly recent and is being marketed as
an adult book, making it the most widely available
book of hers in the U.S. Alas, it is also one of her
weakest offerings, so look up any of her other books
before you decide on her abilities.

Time of the Ghost (published Sept. '96 in the U.S, but
it's been out for more than a decade in Britain)

"Most of Jones' work is geared toward the Young
Adult market, but don't let that stop you. I
particularly liked "Archer's Goon", "The Homeward
Bounders" and "Howl's Moving Castle", Eriond likes
"Dogsbody" the best, but he reads everything of hers
he can find (so do I).

**Robert Jordan (b. 1948)

"The Wheel of Time" - The Eye of the World; The Great Hunt;
The Dragon Reborn; The Shadow Rising; The Fires of
Heaven; Lord of Chaos; A Crown of Swords; The Path of
Daggers (forthcoming); plus at least two more
"Jordan recently stated that he thinks it should
take about three more books to complete the series,
but he isn't making any promises. Many a.f.e.
regulars are passionately devoted to this series.
Huge (all the books are 500+ pages), sprawling, and
madly complex.

The Conan Chronicles
"For the Joradanites who need a fix while awaiting
the next volume of The Wheel of Time, this omnibus
edition collects Jordan's Conan novels.


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