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09 Fantasy Authors List (H)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

09 Fantasy Authors List (H)

*Barbara Hambly (b. 1951)

"Darwath Trilogy" - The Time of the Dark; The Walls of Air;
The Armies of Daylight
"Another 'folks from our world cross into fantastic
realm,' but quite well done (especially considering
that this was Hambly's first fantasy) with
intelligent characters and some interesting twists.

"A New Darwath series" - Mother of Winter; Icefalcon's
Quest (forthcoming Feb. '98)

"Hambly returns to the world of Darwath, the setting
of her first fantasy trilogy, after a decade away.

"Standalone about a witch and hero, and a kingdom
that's in a lot of trouble. A good introduction to
Hambly's work.

"Windrose Chronicles" - The Silent Tower; The Silicon Mage;
Dog Wizard
"The first two are basically one book that got split
in two due to size. "Dog Wizard" continues the plot,
and leaves a fair amount of dangling threads at the
end. This may be turning into an open-ended series

Stranger at the Wedding (U.K. title - Sorcerer's Ward)

"A standalone set in same world as "Windrose
Chronicles," but featuring different characters. One
of Hambly's weaker offerings.

"Sun Cross duology" - Rainbow Abyss; The Magicians of Night
"Wizards cross from their world into ours, and end
up in Nazi Germany.

"Sun Wolf/Starhawk" - The Ladies of Madrigyn; The Witches
of Wenshar; The Dark Hand of Magic
"Although each of these is a separate, self-
contained story, they are best enjoyed in order, and
"Dark Hand of Magic" does bring the series to a
fairly definite close.

"James Asher Chronicles" - Those Who Hunt the Night;
Traveling With the Dead
"Hambly does the vampire routine. And she does it
quite well - in fact, "TWHtN" took the "Locus

fantasy novel award the year it came out.

Bride of the Rat God
"Lots of fun - 1920's Hollywood and Chinese magic.

Robin Hobb (b. 1952)

"The Farseer Trilogy" - Assassin's Apprentice; Royal
Assassin; Assassin's Quest
"This is very good. A royal bastard is being trained
as an assassin, and is drawn deeply into court
politics and intrigue. It's being advertised as the
first work of a new author, but if you really like
it, you won't have to wait to try more of her work.
Hobb is a pseudonym for Megan Lindholm, and she has
a fair number of works out under her own name.

"The Liveships series" - Ship of Magic (forthcoming April

"This is set in the same world as 'Farseer',
although it a a new story and doesn't feature any of
the characters from the original trilogy.

P.C. Hodgell (b. 1951)

"Chronicles of the Kencyrath" - God Stalk; Dark of the
Moon; Seeker's Mask
"First two were published in mass-market paperback.
Current works are only available through Hypatia
Press, a small press in Oregon which is currently
having financial problems, so finding her books is
problematic at best. Hodgell is a cult favorite over
on r.a.sf.w., and reportedly outlined a fourth Jaime
book, but has put it aside to work on other

Barry Hughart (b. 1934)

"Master Li and Number Ten Ox series" - The Bridge of Birds;
The Story of the Stone; Eight Skilled Gentlemen
"Open-ended series set in ancient China. HIGHLY
recommended by your FAQ maker (especially the first


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