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08 Fantasy Authors List (G)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

08 Fantasy Authors List (G)

*David Gemmell (b. 1948)

"The Drenai" - Legend; King Beyond the Gate; Quest For Lost
Heroes; Waylander; Waylander II; The First Chronicles of
Druss the Legend; Second Chronicles of Druss the Legend;
The Legend of Deathwalker
"The Drenai books are good, solid standalone fantasy
adventures that take place in the same world.
Gemmell is a retailing phenomenon in England, with
a publishing imprint named after his first book.
Only the first four Drenai books have been published
in the U.S. - the final four won't start appearing
in the U.S. until late 1998.

"The Lion of Macedon" - Lion of Macedon; Dark Prince
"Fantasy version of the life of Alexander the Great.
History purists be warned - Gemmell plays fast and
loose with Greek history and mythology. Only
available in trade paperback in the U.S.

"The Stones of Power" - Ghost King; Last Sword of Power;
Wolf in Shadow; The Last Guardian; Bloodstone
"The second first two books take place in a vaguely
Arthurian past, and the others feature Jon Shannow,
and take place in the far future. The connecting
feature of the two eras are the Sipstrassi, the
stones of power.

Knights of Dark Renown
"A stand-alone. It is out in the U.S.

"Another stand-alone.

"The Hawk Queen" - Ironhand's Daughter; Hawk Eternal (both
are only out in the U.K.)

"The Gemmellites don't seem to be particularly
enthusiastic about this particular duology
(commentary has ranged from the lukewarm to the

Dark Moon
The Winter Warriors
Echoes of the Great Song
"Gemmell's work is very popular in Britain, but he's
still relatively unknown in the U.S. He IS worth
looking up - an entertaining author who tells a
fast-paced story. Fairly traditional fantasy, with
heroic heroes (who have flaws, but overcome them
when the chips are down) and dastardly villains.

William Goldman (b. 1931)

The Princess Bride
"A fast-paced, funny romp through every fantasy
cliche you can think of (watch out for the rodents
of unusual size). Written by an author best known
for his screenplays (think ^Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid^), which may be why the movie actually
does a good job of capturing the tone of the book.

Terry Goodkind (b. 1948)

"The Sword of Truth" - Wizard's First Rule; Stone of Tears;
Blood of the Fold; Temple of the Winds; more forthcoming
"Goodkind's debut novel made a big splash, and he
quickly followed it up. Mikey REALLY likes "First
Rule" and highly recommends it. Goodkind has sold
five books in the series to Tor, so there's at least
one more in the pipeline. Do note that these contain
a fair amount of graphic torture and s&m.

Simon Green (b. 1955)

Blue Moon Rising
""My favorite new book this year....standard fantasy
with enough of a twist to keep me interested,"
reports Nathan. Your FAQMaster agrees - it moves
quickly, the characters are standard types but still
manage to be interesting, and it kept me reading
straight through to the end.

Down Among the Dead Men; Blood and Honor
"Both set in the same world as "Blue Moon," but
they're not really sequels. "Down" takes place years
after, and features a totally different set of
characters, while "Blood" is about an actor who must
play the double of a prince during a crisis.
Action-packed adventure.

"Hawke and Fisher series" - Guard Against Dishonor; Hawke
and Fisher; The Bones of Haven; The God Killer; Winner
Take All; Wolf In the Fold
"Apparently the characters of Hawke and Fisher are
VERY similar to the two main characters of "Blue
Moon Rising". This is early Green, and not readily
available in the U.S.

Shadows Fall
"Simon Green Gets Ambitious. Shadows Fall is the
town where legends go to die, and where the
apocalypse is about to occur. Not completely
successful, but worth reading, and it is always nice
to see an author trying to stretch his repertoire.
Green is currently in the midst of a galaxy-sweeping
space opera.


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