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07 Fantasy Authors List (F)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

07 Fantasy Authors List (F)

**Raymond Feist (b. 1945)

"Riftwar Saga" - Magician: Apprentice; Magician: Master;
Silverthorn; A Darkness at Sethanon
"Fast-paced adventure, and full of action. The first
two books were originally published in one volume
under the title "Magician".

"Midkemia series" - Prince of the Blood; The King's
"Technically, these two are stand-alone books,
although they feature characters and situations
introduced in the Riftwar Saga, and set up
situations that are due to be resolved in the
Serpentwar saga.

"The Serpentwar Saga" - Shadow of a Dark Queen; Rise of a
Merchant Prince; Rage of a Demon King; Shards of a
Broken Crown (title originally announced as 'The Honor
of a Bastard Knight', forthcoming April '98)

"A new Midkemia series.

Faerie Tale
"NOT a Midkemia book. A dark, modern fairy tale.

Boy's Adventure (forthcoming late '98/early '99)

"Standalone dark fantasy.

"Krondor series" - Betrayal at Krondor (forthcoming);
Return to Krondor (forthcoming)

"Novelizations of Feist's 'Krondor' CD-ROM game.
Feist is the second most highly recommended author
on this list (after Eddings, of course) - his work
definitely strikes a chord with most Eddings fans.

Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts
"Daughter of the Empire trilogy" - Daughter of the Empire;
Servant of the Empire; Mistress of the Empire
"Loosely related to Riftwar saga (they take place on
the other side of the Rift).

Alan Dean Foster (b. 1946)

"Spellsinger" - Spellsinger; The Hour of the Gate
"These are the initial duology. A young man ends up
in a world where music has magic. It has become an
open-ended series. Foster is an entertaining and
competent writer (I've enjoyed his SF books about
Flinx and Humanx Commonwealth), however, I've
received reports that the later books in this series
have fallen off quite a bit in quality.

C.S. Friedman (b. 1955)

"The Coldfire Trilogy" - Black Sun Rising; When True Night
Falls; Crown of Shadows
"Sorta SF, but it takes place on a world where magic
works, and it's not a really pleasant place for
humans...."Extremely well written, interesting, and
a lot different than the typical "sword & sorcery"
type book...I would recommend this series to
anyone." Her sf novel "In Conquest Born" has also
been mentioned by several recommenders. Doug would
like to add the warning that Friedman makes Stephen
Donaldson look like a comedy writer, and that
depressed persons should avoid these books.


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