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06 Fantasy Authors List (E)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

06 Fantasy Authors List (E)

**David Eddings (b. 1931)

"The Belgariad" - Pawn of Prophecy; Queen of Sorcery;
Magician's Gambit; Castle of Wizardry; Enchanter's End
"Eddings' fantasy debut, and, my, was it successful.
The forces of dark and light are rushing toward a
climatic confrontation, and young farm boy Garion is
swept into the battle.

"The Malloreon" - Guardians of the West; King of the
Murgos; The Demon Lord of Karanda; The Sorceress of
Darshiva; The Seeress of Kell
"Continuing the adventures of Garion and Company.

"The Prequels" - Belgarath the Sorcerer; Polgara the
"Yep, two more books about our favorite sorcerer and
his daughter. These are both prequels to the events
of the Belgariad, and should finally answer such
burning questions as: Why did Poledra have to
pretend she'd died? and How exactly DID the orb get
onto the shield?

"The Elenium" - The Diamond Throne; The Ruby Knight; The
Sapphire Rose
"Eddings creates a new world and characters. The
hero Sparhawk sets off to save his queen and

"The Tamuli" - Domes of Fire; The Shining Ones; The Hidden
"More adventures of Sparhawk (Eddings does like to
get a lot of use out of his characters).
Eddings is by far the most highly recommended author
on the List (hardly surprising, as the list
originated in the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup).

Teresa Edgerton (b. 1949)

"The Green Lion Trilogy" - Child of Saturn; The Moon in
Hiding; The Work of the Sun
"Celtic-inspired fantasy in a complex, well-realized

"Kingdom of Celydonn trilogy" - The Castle of the Silver
Wheel; The Grail and the Ring; The Moon and the Thorn
"More about the world of the "Green Lion" trilogy.
Dwayne says the two books he's read are excellent,
and I agree, although ^Castle^ is a trifle slow-
moving in spots. The final book was recently
released, and it is a satisfying conclusion to the

Goblin Moon; The Gnome's Engine
"Jonathan says these are "just awesome - full of
intrigue and suspense." Not part of the Celydonn
series, the world of these books is built more along
Victorian lines.

Phyllis Eisenstein (b. 1946)

"Cray the Sorcerer" - Sorcerer's Son; The Crystal Palace
"Stand-alones about Cray, a sorcerer.

"Tales of Alaric the Minstrel" - Born to Exile; In the Red
Lord's Reach
"Two books so far, the first is episodic and has the
feel of a short story collection, second is a novel.
Alaric is gifted with the magical ability of


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