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05 Fantasy Authors List (D)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

05 Fantasy Authors List (D)

Pamela Dean (b. 1953)

"The Secret Country" - The Secret Country; The Hidden Land;
The Whim of the Dragon
"Another series usually found in the children's
section of your library.

The Dubious Hills
"Set in the same world as "The Secret Country", but
featuring different characters. An unusual book,
this one is not geared toward children.

"The college setting of this one makes it quite
popular with the academic crowd. Stand-alone
contemporary retelling of the Tam-Lin legend. Part
of the 'Fairy Tale' series.

Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary (forthcoming June '98)

"This was originally scheduled for July, 1997.

L. Sprague de Camp (b. 1907)

"The Reluctant King" - Goblin Tower; The Clocks of Iraz;
The Unbeheaded King; The Honorable Barbarian
"Classic. Fast-paced heroic adventure with an added
dash of humor

The Complete Compleat Enchanter (co-author Fletcher

"Great series of novelettes! Published in a variety
of configurations, the above title is the U.S.
edition that contains all the stories. In the U.K.,
look for "The Intrepid Enchanter". Harold Shea
travels to a variety of magical worlds, finding
love, adventure, and poetry.

The Exotic Enchanter (co-author Christopher Stasheff)

"de Camp continues Harold Shea's adventures with a
new co-author. There has also been at least one
collection of short stories in this series

Charles de Lint (b. 1951)

"Jack of Kinrowen" - Jack the Giant Killer; Drink Down the
Moon (Omnibus edition with JoK title available from Tor)

"_Jack the Giant Killer" was originally published as
part of the 'Fairy Tale' series.

"Newford series" - Our Lady of the Harbor; Paperjack; The
Wishing Well; Memory and Dream
"Standalones taking place in the fictional town of
Newford. Most (if not all) of the short stories in
the two collections mentioned below take place in
Newford also.

"Short story collections" - Dreams Underfoot; The Ivory and
the Horn
"de Lint's short story collections are a good
introduction to the author - if you don't like
these, you won't like his novels.

The Little Country
Someplace To Be Flying (forthcoming Feb. '98)

"He's written many books, with a fair number only
available in small press editions. Most are
stand-alone (although related to each other), all
are good. The best-known and most productive author
in the 'urban fantasy' sub-genre. Can be difficult
to find in U.S. (this is changing - Tor, his
publisher, is showing their good taste and really
pushing his work), readily available in Canada &

**Stephen Donaldson (b. 1947)

"Thomas Covenant - First Chronicles" - Lord Foul's Bane;
The Illearth War; The Power That Preserves
"VERY highly recommended. This is a powerful
trilogy, and you should read it.

"Thomas Covenant - Second Chronicles" - The Wounded Land;
The One Tree; White Gold Wielder
"The Covenant books can be *quite* grim &
depressing, but they are well written and worth your
time. Those who love Donaldson's work describe
Covenant as a flawed but decent human struggling to
come to terms with both his illness and his power.
Others with less charity in their souls consider
Covenant to be whiny, self-pitying, and a poor
excuse for a hero. Give the Chronicles a try & see
which category you fall into.

"Thomas Covenant - Final Chronicles" - ?? (forthcoming
maybe someday)

"Yep, you read that right. Donaldson confirmed in a
recent (September 1997) interview that "I already
have all the ideas for the grand scheme so the
second chronicles is ready for the last chronicles."
However, he didn't give any hints as to when he
would actually start writing down the ideas, so
don't get your hopes up yet. He just finished up a
five-book SF series with characters that make the
folks in the Covenant books look cheerful and

"Mordant's Need" - The Mirror of Her Dreams; A Man Rides
"Several people have remarked that, although the
Covenant books weren't their cup of tea, *this*
duology was very enjoyable, and nowhere near as
gloomy as his usual (although the heroine has more
than her share of self-image problems...)

*Dave Duncan (b. 1933)

"Seventh Sword" - The Reluctant Swordsman; The Coming of
Wisdom; The Destiny of the Sword
"His first work. Has some ragged edges, but moves
right along.

"A Man of His Word" - The Magic Casement; Faery Lands
Forlorn; Perilous Seas; Emperor and Clown
"A stableboy sets forth on a quest, and ends up with
a (need I say it?) great destiny.

"A Handful of Men" - The Cutting Edge; Upland Outlaws; The
Stricken Field; The Living God
"Follows the same characters as 'A Man of His Word'

"Omar the Storyteller" - The Reaver's Road; The Hunter's
"Described as being 'a little lighter' than Duncan's
epic fantasies, this on-going series features Omar
the storyteller. The books are completely self-
contained, and stand alone.

The Cursed
"Stand-alone about a land afflicted by changes
brought about by the baleful influence of certain
stars. Duncan also has a new book out under the
pseudonym Ken Hood titled "Demon Sword".

"The Great Game" - Past Imperative; Present Tense; Future
"This looks interesting - in 1914, a young man
suffering from amnesia and accused of murder ends up
at Stonehenge, where he is transported to an
alternate reality.

Lord Dunsany (1879-1957)

The King of Elfland's Daughter
"Early fantasy. Dunsany was very influential in the
field. The above is probably his most accessible
book for modern readers (although I like "The
Charwoman's Shadow" too, but then, I've got a
definite fondness for early fantasy). It should be
available at most larger libraries


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