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04 Fantasy Authors List (C)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

04 Fantasy Authors List (C)

Orson Scott Card (b. 1951)

Hart's Hope
"Early stand-alone fantasy

"Alvin Maker" - Seventh Son; Red Prophet; Prentice Alvin;
Alvin Journeyman; The Crystal City (forthcoming 1998);
Master Alvin (forthcoming)

"I'm told that "Master Alvin" will complete this
series. The majority of Card's writing falls firmly
into SF, but this is an interesting alternate-
history fantasy, taking place in 19th century U.S.

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

"The Alice Duology" - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland;
Through the Looking Glass
"Human from the "real world" crosses over into a
fantasy land...Sound familiar? The first and still
the best, you should read the Alice books as a fine
source of sig quotes if nothing else.

C.J. Cherryh (b. 1942)

"Morgaine" - Gate of Ivrel; Well of Shiun; Fires of
Azeroth; Exile's Gate
"Early work from Cherryh (except for "Exile's Gate",
which was published a decade after the others).
Dark, moody science fantasy. Open-ended

"Arafel's Saga" - The Dreamstone; The Tree of Swords and
"Out of print (although they still turn up in
bookstores occasionally). Fantasy in the
Celtic/Welsh vein. Cherryh has revised these two
books, and they are scheduled to be reprinted in an
omnibus edition from DAW, titled 'The Dreaming

"Russian series" - Rusalka; Chernevog; Yvgenie
"Dark fairy tale using Russian traditions. Cherryh
is a very highly regarded SF author, and if you like
her fantasy, you should check out her other works.

The Paladin
"Good stand-alone story with a samurai flavor

The Goblin Mirror
"Stand-alone fantasy with an Eastern European

Faery in Shadow
"Stand-alone celtic fantasy about a young man who
makes a bargain with the Sidhe.

"Tristan series" - Fortress in the Eye of Time; Fortress of
Eagles; Fortress of Owls (forthcoming); Fortress of
Dragons (forthcoming)

"This starts out slowly. Tristen's quest goes on far
too long, and the maneuverings that lead to the
final battle are pretty routine. Still, even
substandard Cherryh is worthwhile, just don't let
this be the first of her books that you try.

Glen Cook (b. 1944)

"The Chronicles of the Black Company" - The Black Company;
Shadows Linger; The White Rose
"Fantasy from the foot soldier's point of view.
Gritty and hard-edged, these are not Fantasy Lite

The Silver Spike
"Takes place in the world of the Black Company. It's
not about them, but some familiar characters

"Book of the South" - Shadow Games; Dreams of Steel
"More of the chronicles of the Black Company

"The Glittering Stone Tetralogy" - Bleak Seasons; She Is
The Darkness; 2 more books forthcoming
"The long-awaited continuation of the adventures of
the Black Company. The final book of what was
originally announced as a trilogy ended up being
split in two.

"Garrett, P.I. series" - Sweet Silver Blues; Bitter Gold
Hearts; Cold Copper Tears; Old Tin Sorrows; Dread Brass
Shadows; Red Iron Nights; Deadly Quicksilver Lies; Petty
Pewter Gods
"The hard-boiled detective in a world full of elves,
trolls, and magic. Raymond Chandler fans take note.
Open-ended series. There is some slight reference to
events that take place in previous books, but all
books are basically stand-alone. Roc publishing
recently bought 2 more in this series from Cook.
This is beginning to suffer from Continuing Series
Syndrome, but the books haven't fallen off badly
enough to make me stop buying.

"The Dread Empire series" - A Shadow of All Night Falling;
October's Baby; All Darkness Met; The Fire in His Hands;
With Mercy Toward None; Reap the East Wind; An Ill Fate
"Listed for completists - none of the recommenders
mentioned this series. The darkest (and least
commercially popular) of Cook's three continuing

Hugh Cook (b. 1956)

"Chronicles of an Age of Darkness" - The Wizards and the
Warriors; The Wordsmiths and Warguild; The Woman and the
Warlords; The Walrus and the Warwolf; The Wicked and the
Witless; The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers; The Wazir
and the Witch; The Werewolf and the Wormlord; The
Worshippers and Way; The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster
"These are the titles from the English editions.
Only the first couple have been published in the
U.S., and they were released under different titles.
Excellent series! Books vary radically in tone,
ranging from your standard heroes on a fantasy quest
to humor/adventure to great events seen through
ordinary (or seemingly ordinary) eyes.

Louise Cooper (b. 1952)

"Time Master Trilogy" - Initiate; Outcast; Master
"The forces of Order and Chaos face off again.
However, in Cooper's universe, neither side is
unrelievedly good or evil - Chaos and Order are "two
sides of the same coin," in the words of the

"Chaos Gate Trilogy" - The Pretender; The Deceiver; The
"Set in the same world as the "Time Master" trilogy.
It takes place about 60-80 years after the events of
the first trilogy.

"Indigo series" - Nemesis; Inferno; Infanta; Nocturne;
Troika; Avatar; Revenant; Aisling
"The recommender of the "Indigo" series would like
to point out that the quality of the books in the
series is uneven - some are much better than others

"Star Shadow trilogy" - Star Ascendant; Eclipse; Moonset

"_Moonset" is already out in the U.K. This is a
prequel to the Time Master Trilogy.

*Susan Cooper (b. 1935)

"The Dark is Rising" - Over Sea and Under Stone; The Dark
is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King; Silver on the Tree
"Another one that you'll find in the children's
section. Arthurian elements, and very good. "Grey
King" took the Newbery Award.


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