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Picture Books/2 years and under: S-Z


This article is from the Children's Books FAQ, by Hilary Morrison, morrison@evol1.mbl.edu with numerous contributions by others.

Picture Books/2 years and under: S-Z

Sadler, Marilyn:PJ.Funnybunny [Mike F.]

Scarry, Richard (?):I am a Bunny

Sendak, Maurice:Chicken Soup With Rice; Where the Wild Things Are;
In the Night Kitchen; Outside Over There

Shapiro, Richard:Jonathan & the Dragon (a dragon comes to town,
and the mayor tries futilely to get him to leave, ignoring a small
boy who ultimately solves the problem by politely asking the
dragon to go away...this one may be out of print - it was saved
from my childhood. I actually memorized the entire rhyming text
of this book and occasionally recite it to my son at the grocery
store! [Cici])

Shaw, Nancy:Sheep in a Jeep (also sequels:Sheep in a Ship, Shop,
out to Eat) (rhyme) [Peggy R.]

Spier, Peter:Gobble Growl Grunt(I hesitate to include this book
because I get so tired of reading it! It is a favorite of my
daughter's however. It's just a bunch of animals, reptiles, etc
and their respective animal sounds [Kathleen R.])

Steig, William:Shrek! and other books [Rec. unknown]

Stevenson, Robert Louis:A Child's Garden of Verses

Stone, Jon:There's a Monster at the End of This Book (Little
Golden/Sesame Street Book)

Tafuri, Nancy:Junglewalk (this has no words, but terrific
illustrations that tell a story of a boy and his cat's dream of
their walk through the jungle [Cici])

Taylor, Barbara:The Animal Atlas (illustrated by Kenneth Lilly,
published by Knopf. This is clearly not *intended* for toddlers,
but when we realized that Dylan was hooked on animals, we bought
him this book which had realistic drawings of animals. This
was/is a favorite, and Dylan loves to turn pages and point to all
the birds or cats on the page, or have us name the animals that he
points to. [Diane L.])

Theobalds, Prue (Illustrator):Old MacDonald Had a Farm (This is
the traditional nursery song, wonderfully illustrated, showing the
old Scottish farmer and his charges. Of course, one has to sing
the text, which delights babies no end. [Diane L.])

Unknown:Ballerina Bess (rhyme [Arti N.])

Unknown:Fun with Babysitter (board book)

Unknown:The Little Learner's Library for children under 3 (sets of
bright, appealing board books and some related items (puzzles,
etc.) that form a series in beginning geography and nature

Unknown:Willie and the Whale (rhyme [Arti N.])

Van Allsburg, Chris:The Polar Express; Jumungi; The Stranger; Just
a Dream [Nancy J.N.]

Van Laan, Nancy:Possum Come a-Knockin' (rhyme) [Peggy R.]

Various:Pudgy Pal Board Books (Grosset and Dunlap, publishers)

Weiss, Nicki:Where Does the Brown Bear Go?

Wells, Rosemary:Max's Ride; Max's Bath (there are at least 8 board
books about Max. [Graeme W.])

Williams, Jay:Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like [Rec.

Williams, Vera:More More More Said the Baby (Wonderful book
featuring multi-cultural and interracial families [Wendy B.])

Wood, Audrey and Don:The Napping House [Rec. unknown]

Yolen, Jane:Owl Moon [Rec. unknown]

Ziefert, Harriet:Nicky's Picnic (lift-the-flap series. This
series is a little more mature than Spot - a little more narrative
[Graeme W.])

Zion, Gene and Margaret Bloy Graham:Harry the Dirty Dog (dog hates
bathes, runs away & gets so dirty his owners don't recognize him
until they give him a bath); No Roses for Harry (dog hates the
roses on his sweater so he tries to lose it and eventually a bird
unravels it for him); Harry By the Sea (dog gets separated from
family at the beach, gets covered with seaweed, and frightens all
the beachgoers while he tries to find his owners); The Plant
Sitter (boy looks after neighbors plants over summer vacation,
turns his house into a jungle, and researches how to trim and make
new plants from the cuttings); Dear Garbageman (new garbageman
doesn't want to throw anything away, so instead he gives it all
away to eager patrons, but the next day is disappointed to find
that all the things are back in the trash with a note); The Sugar
Mouse Cake (baker creates a spectacularly decorated cake, but then
has his pet mouse stand in for a broken sugar-mouse and many
mishaps ensue) [Cici]


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