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Picture Books/2 years and under: E-R


This article is from the Children's Books FAQ, by Hilary Morrison, morrison@evol1.mbl.edu with numerous contributions by others.

Picture Books/2 years and under: E-R

Eastman, P.D.:Are You My Mother? (classic about hatchling
desperately trying to find his mother [Cici]); Go Dog, Go (NOTE:
this book gets mixed reviews;some parents like it; others (e.g.
Paula B.) think it's terrible (sexist))

Edens, Cooper:The Glorious Mother Goose

Geisel, Theodore (Dr. Seuss):Horton Hears a Who (a favorite of
mine as a kid, and now a favorite of my son's - in case any of you
don't know, an Elephant discovers a microscopic community on a
dustball, vows to protect them [Cici]);Oh, The Thinks You Can
Think [Mike F.]; The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins;Bartholomew
and the Oobleck (Normally, Jamie has little time for Seuss books,
but these are a hit! [Nancy J.N.])

Hadithi, Mwenye and Adrienne Kennaway: Lazy Lion (Bossy Lion tries
to order the other animals to build him a house, but he's not
satisfied with any of them, so he doesn't have a shelter & has to
sit out in the rain); Crafty Chameleon (Chameleon tricks Leopard &
Crocodile into leaving him alone) (African animal tales with great
illustrations - there are several more in the series, but these
are our favorites [Cici])

Herriot, James:The Christmas Day Kitten; The Market Square Dog
etc. [Nancy J.N.]

Hill, Eric:Where's Spot? (a lift the flap book)

Hoban, Tana:White on Black (big pictures with lots of contrast).

Hoberman, Marry Ann:A House is a House for Me (not really a story,
but a fun, rolicking rhyme) [Peggy R.]

Hughes, Shirley:Alphie Gives a Hand; Dogger (a favorite); Alphie
and Annie Rose; Up and Up; The Alphie and Annie Rose Story Book;
The Concrete Lorry (another favorite) [Nancy J.N.]

Johnson & Johnson:Where is Baby Bunny

Jonas, Ann:When You Were A Baby

Kunhardt, Dorothy:Pat the Bunny; Pat the Cat

Larche, Doug:Father Gander NURSERY RHYMES, rewritten by Father
Gander (aka Doug Larche). (Since young ones love the simple rhymes
of Mother Goose, this is a perfect introduction to rhymes,
rewritten to be non-violent, non-sexist, and multiethnic--
LOVELY!!! [Diane L.])

Lear, Edward:The Owl and the Pussycat (illustrated by Jan
Brett...this is an unusual interpretation, in that the
illustrations (which are lovely) are set in the Caribbean.)

Lester (?), Alison:Imagine

Margolies, Barbara Anne:Rehema's Journey: A Visit to Tanzania
(photos and story about a young Tanzanian girl who goes on a trip
with her father from her village to the Ngorongoro Crater [Cici])

Martin, Bill Jr.:Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

McCloskey, Robert:Blueberries for Sal; One Morning in Maine; Time
of Wonder [Rec. unknown]

Merrill, Susan:Washday (Probably out of print; the copy we've
borrowed twice from the library is about to fall apart. A simple,
lovely book about a family doing the wash together. Good for
toddlers. [Mimi W.])

Meryl, Debra:Baby's Peek-a-Boo Album (illustrated by True Kelley.
This book allows you to paste in photos of your own baby, which is
pretty neat. However, Dylan never really got a big kick out of
seeing himself hiding. Indeed, he was too engrossed in finding
the little mouse that was always in the picture (except for the
bathroom scene), or finding the hummingbird. [Diane L.])

Munsch, Robert:Love You Forever [Rec. unknown] (Mixed reviews)

Mwalimu & Adrienne Kennaway: Awful Aardvark (how it came to be
that aardvarks sleep in the day and eat termites at night [Cici])

Myer, Mercer:There's a Nightmare in My Closet (delightful drawings
[Judy L. T.]); Just for You (actually, I haven't seen a MM book I
haven't loved [Judy L. T.])

Numeroff, Laura:If You Give A Moose A Muffin

Oxenbury, Helen and Michael Rosen:We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Oxenbury, Helen:Good Night, Good Morning; Mother's Helper;
Shopping Trip; Say Goodnight; Tickle Tickle (We accompanied the
reading of "Say Goodnight" and "Tickle Tickle" with suitable
actions, eg: Up, Down, Up in the Sky - lift and lower baby/ Swing
Low, Swing High - swing baby as if on a swing/ Buppity, Hold on
Tight - bounce baby on leg/ Hush Little Babies, Say Goodnight! -
hold finger to mouth and say "shhh" [Drew C.])

Peet, Bill:Buford, the Big Horn Sheep; Chester the Worldly Pig;
Cyrus the Unseaworthy Sea Serpent; Encore for Elenore; Hubert's
Hair Raising Adventure; Huge Harold; Jethro and Joel Were a Troll;
Jennifer and Josephine; Kermit the Hermit Crab; Merle, the High-
Flying Squirrel; The Wing Ding Dilly; Wump World; Zella, Zack, and
Zodiac; Bill Peet's autobiography [Nancy J.N.]

Pfister, Marcus:The Rainbow Fish (A very good story about sharing.
Unfortunately it cost 16 dollars (due to fancy sequins glued on
the pages which were needed for the story). The rainbow fish
finds happiness and belonging by giving one sequin to each other
fish so that they all became rainbow fish. [Bruce G.])

Pienkowski, Jan:Various board books

Poluskin, Maria:Mama's Secret; Mother, Mother, I Want Another; Who
Said Meow?

Potter, Beatrix:Peter Rabbit, etc. series (mixed reviews [Rec.

Provensen, Alice and Martin:Peaceable Kingdom--A Shaker
Abecedarius (rhyme [Arti N.])

Rey, Margret and H.A.:Curious George series [Bruce G.]

Ricklin, Neil: Baby's Book of Colors series of photo books
("Baby's Book
of Toys", "Daddy and Me", "Mommy and Me", etc)


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