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Children Books 2 to 6 years: A-L


This article is from the Children's Books FAQ, by Hilary Morrison, morrison@evol1.mbl.edu with numerous contributions by others.

Children Books 2 to 6 years: A-L

Ahlberg, Janet and Allen:The Jolly Postman or Other People's
Letters (2 to 7 years. Get this book! It's fun! - Kathleen R.)

Alborough, Jez:Where's My Teddy? (This is a cute book about a
small boy and a BIG bear who both lose their teddy bears in the
woods. It's a good one for really getting into animating the
character's lines. It's an oversized book with great
illustrations. I first noticed it in Chinaberry's catalog.(Erin

Aliki:Feelings (Great for toddlers and slightly older. Good for
exploring many feelings - Mimi W.)

Allard, Harry:Stupids Family series (And of course, let's not
forget the series of books about the Stupids family, such as The
Stupids Step Out; The Stupids Die [Bruce G.])

Anderson, Clarence William:Billy and Blaze series (It is about a
medium-sized boy, probably from California and almost certainly a
Republican, finding mountain lions, alerting the slow-witted
townspeople when a fire threatens, and generally galloping about
doing heroic deeds on his horse, Blaze. These are the only books
that my wife and I have to regularly censor when we read them
aloud, mostly for sexism, I think. [Graeme W.])

Bang, Molly:The Paper Crane

Barker, Marjorie:The Magical Hands

Barrett, Judy:Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Brett, Jan:Annie and the Wild Animals; Mother's Day Mice;
Goldilocks; The Mitten (I LOVE her illustrations, but sometimes
the text lets me down [Tina Van R.])

Burton, Virginia Lee:Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel; The
Little House

Cole, Joanna:The Magic Schoolbus series (lots of interesting
science facts [Rec. unknown])

Cooney, Barbara:Hattie and the Wild Waves;Miss Rumphius

de Beer, Hans:Little Polar Bear

de Paola, Tomie:Strega Nona (having to remedy our mistakes)


Duvoisin, Roger:Petunia (Petunia is a goose)

Edens, Cooper:Caretakers of Wonder

Ehlert, Lois:Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf; Fish Eyes

Flack, Marjorie:The Story About Ping

Freeman, Don:Corduroy

Gannett, Ruth Stiles:My Father's Dragon Trilogy (consists of My
Father's Dragon, Elmer & the Dragon and Dragons of Blueland )

Gay, Marie-Louise:Angel and the Polar Bear

Guarino, Deborah:Is Your Mama A Llama? (illustrated by Steven
Kellogg. (Paperback, ISBN #: 0-590-44725-4) Great for any animal
lover, with nice drawings and simple rhymes. [Diane L.])

Henkes, Kevin:Chrysanthemum

Heyward, DuBose:The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes (Easter)

Hines, Anna Grossnickle:Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti (anti-
stereotyping [Rec. unknown]); also It's Just Me, Emily; Bethany
for Real and many others

Hoban, Russell:Frances books (Russell Hoban has written books for
both adults and children. Both show his amazing ear for

Hughes, Shirley:The Alfie books (Alfie is a pre-schooler)

Jennings, Sharon:Jeremiah and Mrs. Ming [Rec. unknown]

Joosse, Barbara M.:Mama, Do You Love Me? (..Inuit woman who tells
her daughter she would love her no matter what she did. I like the
idea, but felt the concept was beyond the age group the book is
targeted to...4-6. [Deantha M.])

Joyce, William:A Day at Wilbur Robinson's (I doubt it can be
described. Go buy it; you'll see. [Robert P.])

Keats, Ezra Jack:The Snowy Day (Caldecott award winner)

Kipling, Rudyard:Just So Stories (illustrated by Safaya Salter.
(Hardback, ISBN #: 0-8050-0439-4) We were pleasantly surprised
when our son took to these short stories, because some are quite
long and have no illustrations at all. If you had told me that a
2-year old would sit through three pages of uninterrupted text
with no illustrations, I wouldn't have believed it (unless said
child was asleep at the time :-0). But, I take that as testimony
to Kipling's marvelous style and fanciful imagination. Wonderful
reading right before a visit to the zoo! [Diane L.])

LeSieg, Thoe:The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. Brice ( aka Theodore Seuss

Lindbergh, ?:The Midnight Farm (lovely book with illustrations by
Susan Jeffers); Benjamin's Barn (about a boy with a very large
barn It's so big that he could fit all sorts of interesting things
in it--pirate ships, elephants, pterodactyls, a princess (because
it's enormously soft), a part for the king and queen (because it's
enormously clean), etc. It has beautiful color illustrations and
rhymes on each page about what could fit in the barn. I would
recommend it for toddlers (2 - ?). [Judy L.T.])

Lobel, Arnold:Fables (Paperback, ISBN #: 0-06-443046-4. An
updated, 20th century version of Aesop's Fables, though I prefer
Lobel's morals, I think (e.g. "All's well that ends with a good
meal." [Diane L.])


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