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Children Books 2 to 6 years: M-Z


This article is from the Children's Books FAQ, by Hilary Morrison, morrison@evol1.mbl.edu with numerous contributions by others.

Children Books 2 to 6 years: M-Z

McCloskey, Robert:Blueberries for Sal; One Morning in Maine; Make
Way for Ducklings (McCloskey's books have old-fashioned, less
colorful illustrations, but are still very nice [Graeme W.])

Minarik, Else Homelund:Little Bear (Written as a reader for
beginning readers, it's enjoyable for toddlers, too. - MW); Little
Bear's Visit; A Kiss for Little Bear (series; these books seem
old-fashioned. [Graeme W.])

Monro, Roxie:Inside Outside Book of London (Paris, New York,
etc.). I've posted before about Graham's desperate love of the
"Inside Outside Book of London". Since the book has no words save
the descriptions of the sights, (British Museum, Tower Bridge, St
Pauls, Tower of London, House of Commons, Big Ben...) it must
be the graphics that have him so enraptured. If you've never seen
these books, they are truly wonderful. Beautiful drawings, and
filled with fun things to look at and count. There's one
on Washington DC too. [Marjorie P.]

Munsch, Robert:The Dark; Mud Puddle; The Paper Bag Princess (in
which a princess rescues her fiance who was stolen by a dragon,
This one is GREAT!!); The Boy in the Drawer; Jonathon Cleaned Up,
Then He Heard a Sound or Blackberry Subway Jam; Murmel Murmel
Murmel; Millicent and the Wind; The Fire Station; Mortimer;
Angela's Airplane; David's Father; Thomas' Snowsuit; 50 Below
Zero; I Have To Go!; Moira's Birthday; A Promise Is A Promise;
Pigs; Giant or Waiting For The Thursday Boat; Something Good; Show
and Tell; Love You Forever (in which a young boy grows to
adulthood with a strong sense of his mother's love for him (just
try to read this one without getting a lump in your throat or a
tear in your eye...Although my 2 year old loves it, my husband and
many friends REFUSE to read it. It deals with death, pretty scary
to those of us past 30! [Amy U.])

Numeroff, Laura:If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (2 to 6 years)

Ormerod, Jan:Various titles

Paterson, Katherine:The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks

Peet, Bill:Nice Families Don't; other titles (Bill Peet has
written a lot of books about cute animals doing cute vaguely human
things. I can tolerate about one a week, but our three year old
son loves then. [Graeme W.])

Perlman, Janet:Cinderella Penguin (there is also a video by the
National Film Board of Canada, it's very funny)

Pomerantz, Charlotte:The Piggy and the Puddle

Prelutsky and Trelease, Eds:Read Aloud Poems for the Very Young

Rey, H.A. and Margret:Curious George series

Sciezka, Jon:The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
(I also found a book that was voted the best book by the kids in
my son's school...contains satires of fairy tales and interactions
with the narrator and the book itself. In The Really Ugly
Duckling, the ugly duckling grows up to be just a really ugly
duck. [Bruce G.]

Seeger, Pete:Abiyoyo--Pete Seeger's Story Song (illustrated by
Michael Hays)

Sendak, Maurice:Where the Wild Things Are; In the Night Kitchen;

Seuss, Dr. (Theodore Geisel):All books by Dr. Seuss

Shalev, Meir:My Father Always Embarasses Me

Silverstein, Shel:The Giving Tree (this is controversial-some hate
it. [Judy L.T.]); The Missing Piece; The Missing Piece and the Big

Thornhill, Jan:The Wildlife ABC; The Wildlife 123

Thurber, James:Many Moons

Unknown:Disney Read-Aloud books (this is a series you get by mail)

Unknown:National Geographic Action Books for children over 3
(beautiful books with pop-ups and pull-tabs on a variety of
animals and ecosystems. These are my daughter's favorite books. I
think there are 6 sets of 2 books each, for about $20 a set.)

Unknown:The Smell Stealer (great if you don't have morning
sickness! A scratch and sniff book about smells that have been
switched [Mylene M.])

Various:Sesame Street growing up books--No Red Monsters Allowed;
It's No Fun to be Sick; Just Like Ernie; I'm Angry, etc. (these
are wonderful because they deal with real problems children face
[Judy L.T.])

Viorst, Judith:Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very
Bad Day

Waber, Benard:Ira books; Lyle the Crocodile books

Ward, Lynd:The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
(For older toddlers. A nifty book about how size doesn't dictate
importance [Mimi W.])

Williams, Margery:The Velveteen Rabbit: or How Toys Become Real

Wood, Don and Audrey:The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry,
and The Big Hungry Bear (2 to 5 years, but try it on a younger
baby, also)

Yolen, Jane:Owl Moon

Yorinks, Arthur:Louis the Fish (Think of it as Kafka's
_Metamorphosis_ for kiddies. Your classmates will love it.
(you'll need to be able to manage a passable Flatbush accent,
tho)); (Great suggestion! I love Yorinks. Also highly
recommended is _It Happened in Pinsk_ which allows you to do a
great Yiddish accent. It is also somewhat Kafka-esque, but
hilariously funny.)

Zion, Gene:Harry the Dirty Dog and other Harry books


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