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Remember Your Highest Power

Remember Your Highest Power

If your thoughts grow dark and heavy or you feel despondently low,
keep faith in your highest power, to ease what doesn't show.
Please don't feel alone, sinking in frustration or shame,
remember your highest power, just shout and call it by name!

You need to know the reasons, why sorrow is lost in your soul,
and lessons that you must learn before you continue to grow.
Although it's unfair you suffer, through time and time again,
your soul is searching for answers immune to all your pain.

There is no doubt your suffering, is something you need know,
your soul must first experience before it evolves with the flow.
It is also a way to learn, understanding and grace,
in times when you help others, you know what they must face.

You might forget who you are, when you're down and out of sync,
so connect your heart to the universe, don't ever break this link.
The answers are locked inside you, trapped in time and space,
but your heart needs to be stronger for the truth that it must face.

You won't find quick release from trauma you have endured,
with the help of your highest power, liberation is yours for sure.
So be watchful and aggressive in your quest for being well,
don't give in to your demons for your soul you must never sell.

Believe in your highest power surrounded by angels and guides,
have faith that they will help you; they will always be at your side.
They will give you the strength you need, you can be certain of this,
and they will help you find your courage, to fill your dark abyss.

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

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