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Define True Reality

Define True Reality

There are many ways to define your true reality of life,
and using standards set by society sometimes will suffice.
Or you can live life oblivious to the reality encasing you,
remaining stuck and dismal in a realism that’s untrue.

You may often ponder or question what true reality actually means,
receiving a variety of answers which sometimes seem extreme.
For each and every person has their own definition at heart,
defining true reality assumes a huge role; not a bit part.

There are those who remain confused no matter what they hear,
because they never recognize what stops them is their fear.
But if they open up to willingly change fixed ways,
their reality will unfold fresh rewarding days.

To define true reality you must be vigilant in your quest,
for only you can sense what truthfully is best.
If you continue to ignore signals or obvious signs,
then in your muddled state you will remain totally blind.

It is an issue of being honest, for whom you are within,
and releasing surface image is a start of where to begin.
If you learn to sit in your power to make choices that feel good,
your true reality blossoms just as it always should.

To define your true reality to enhance the way you live,
continually keep in mind you must take as well as give.
For balance must continue for reality to be strong,
if you keep this in perspective you’ll rarely ever go wrong.

As you relax and look around, observe the details you see,
visualize other places that you would rather be.
Feel the subtle energies that touch your body and soul,
is this how you want to feel; is this your ultimate goal?

Continue to choose wisely, persist to always refine,
engage in healthier habits that you can easily define.
Stay positive in attitude, keeping your heart ajar,
and soon your true reality will blend with who you are.

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

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