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Original Reiki Information The Sources: Part 1

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This article was written and Copyright (c) 2002-3 by James Deacon, who's Master-level Reiki Healing Facilitator & Practitioner of Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics. See James' site: www.aetw.org. James Deacon does not necessarily endorse the methodology, techniques or philosophy of individual modalities detailed in his articles.

Original Reiki Information The Sources: Part 1

What follows is a list of some of the people responsible for the 'new' information regarding the History of Reiki which has already emerged - and still continues to emerge. It is an open-ended list and will be added to from time to time

Mieko Mitsui

Mieko Mitsui (a journalist) had become a 'Master' ('Instructor' - Level 3b) in Barbara Ray's "Radiance Technique" Reiki while living in New York. In 1985 she went back to Japan to try and see what she could discover about Reiki's origins. She started teaching Reiki there - and also translated Barbara Ray's Reiki book "The Reiki Factor" into Japanese - and in the process could be said to have been responsible for single-handedly sparking a 'Reiki Revival' in Japan. In addition to promoting Barbara Ray's style of 'western' Reiki, Mieko reported that, contrary to the 'Takata version' of the History, Reiki had not died out in Japan. She spoke of a privately printed book, "Usui Reiki Gakkai" (said to be an academic text written by a mathematician at Meiji University, Tokyo) which supposedly talks about Reiki and a man named Usui. Mitsui also stated that 'Japanese' Reiki had (as is the case with Barbara Ray's system) more than the standard three Levels or Degrees found in familiar 'Takata-style' Reiki. She also claimed said that she tracked down the home of Usui-Sensei's son's family, but that they refused to speak to her about Mikao Usui. Apparently Mieko Mitsui herself received some training from a Japanese lineage Reiki Master: Goro Myazaki, who had been a student of Usui-Sensei's friend & student: Toshiro Eguchi. Amongst many others, Mitsui taught Reiki to Toshitaka Mochizuki & Hiroshi Doi; however, due to the nature of the training structure utilised in the 'Radiance Technique' style of Reiki (also known as 'Real Reiki') which she practices, she was, at the time, only permitted to initiate practitioners to Level 2.

Frank A. Petter

One-time 'Sannyasin' (i.e. disciple of the Indian Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - AKA: 'Osho' - 1931-1990 ), and author of several books including: 'Reiki Fire: New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power', German-born Reiki Master Frank 'Arjava' Petter and his wife Chetna began teaching Reiki in Sapporo, Japan in 1993. On discovering that Frank and Chetna were offering Third Degree training and attunement, a great many Second Degree Reiki students (most of whom had presumably been attuned by Mieko Mitsui), sought them out.

It could be said that Frank and Chetna's research in to Reiki survivals in Japan took over from where Mieko Mitsui's research left off.

It was Chetna's mother: Masano Kobayashi who translated the inscription on the Usui Memorial (written in old the old form of Japanese kanji-characters) into modern-day Japanese, enabling Frank and Chetna to produce the first (known) English version of the Memorial inscription.

Toshitaka Mochizuki

Published "Iyashi No Te" in 1995 (- believed by many to be the first modern day Reiki book written by a Japanese master, but see Fumio Ogawa, below). Trained originally in western style Reiki, apparently also received tuition from Masters in Japan whose training history is partly Japanese. Mochizuki attributes some of his historical information to an obscure Japanese book entitled "The Secret of How to Take Care of Your Family Members" by Takichi Tsukida. Runs the Vortex school of Reiki, in Yokohama. The "Traditional Japanese Reiki" system (created in 1995) is based on the Vortex system's teachings which contains material from both Western and Japanese sources.

Huminori (or Fuminori) Aoki

Huminori Aoki is Chairman of the Nagoya Reiki Lab (formerly the "Human & Trust Institute"). He is also the author of the book: "The Reiki Healing". At the Institute's Clinic, Aoki teaches his own form of Reiki, known as: 'Reido Reiki' (Spirit-Movement Reiki), a system which attempts to unite Western and Japanese Reiki Traditions.

Hiroshi Doi

Author of 'Iyashi no Gendai Reikiho' or "Modern Reiki Method for Healing". learnt Reiki from Mieko Mitsui. He also received Neo Reiki training from an Indian Reiki master in Tokyo. Professes to be a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - the Society believed to have been set up shortly after Usui-sensei's death by some of his students. Apparently he studied with the former Gakkai chairperson, Mrs. Koyama. Doi claims that the objective of Reiki was to attain a state known as: Anshin Ritsumei (or: Dai Anjin), a state in which ones mind is totally at peace - not bothered by anything - and in which one perceive one's life's purpose. Hiroshi Doi also says that in the early eighties he studied a form of Téaté (healing) with a Mr.Hiroshi Ohta, but only later discovered that what he had learnt was actually Reiki. He states that at the time he met Mieko Mitsui he was seeking to develop his own healing technique by uniting systems he had already learned. Amongst the systems Doi mentions are: Nishino Breathing, Shinmeikan Healing, SAS Shinkko, Genkyoku Kiko, Crystal Healing, Kihodo Healing, Hypnotic Kiko, Osteopathy, Energy Balancing, Astral Healing, Silva Mind Ccontrol Method, theNatural Vibration technique, Seikiho, Dokiho, Balance Therapy, & Multi-dimension Body Work.

Hiroshi Doi's school of Reiki, called "Gendai Reiki" -Modern / Contemporary Reiki Method - blends western Reiki with what he claims to be Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai practices, though one wonders to what degree "Gendai Reiki" has been influenced by the above-mentioned therapeutic systems.

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