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Is it OK to Use Crystals with Reiki?

Is it OK to Use Crystals with Reiki?

Lynne McIntyre has asked about using crystals for Reiki practitioners. Rick Rivard posted an insightful replay with further pointers:

This discussion reminded me of something I had read in Arjava Petter's first book, "Reiki Fire" that he attributes to a Mr. Oishi as the source (Oishi was a friend of the Ogawa family). On page 25 near the bottom he writes:

"Dr. Usui and Mr. Ogawa used to give energy-charge crystal balls to their Reiki students. These crystals balls were placed directly on the patient's diseased area, helping the body to find its equilibrium again."

As for the original question from Lynne, you can find some old discussions on crystals by searching through the alt.healing.reiki archives

One Reiki related practice using crystals that has been shared quite a bit is that of using a Reiki charged crystal grid for continuous distant Reiki. I first came across this in the teachings of William Rand in his Advanced Reiki Training class (aka Reiki 3a). I don't know the source of this, but crystal workers might use all sorts of grids, either lying in them, or putting them on people or things.

If you haven't heard of the Reiki Crystal Grid, you simply begin by acquiring and cleansing 8 quartz crystals (any kind - clear, smoky, rose, amethyst, citrine, etc.). 6 or 7 would preferably have a generator style shape - that is the sort of long shape with one point (or a double terminator). One of the crystals, used for the grid center, can also be a ball, a cluster, a pyramid or an egg shape.

The crystals are each charged with Reiki energy, then 6 are placed in a circle with their points facing inwards (I suppose to emulate the 6 corners of the average crystal base). The circle can be as large as you wish but you might want to place it where your cat won't use it for hockey pucks. (-: (some people glue them down.) The center crystal is of course placed in the center.

Then anywhere within the grid you can place pictures or names on paper of those you wish to send Reiki to; you can have lists of affirmations or goals; you can use little figures to represent those you wish to send Reiki to, etc.

Next, you charge up the 8th or "master" crystal with Reiki, using the intention that the grid continuously send Reiki to everything you have listed or pictured in the grid.

This can be done simply by flowing Reiki into it as you meditate each day. After the crystal is charge, you use it to connect an outer crystal (e.g. - #1) with a crystal next to it (#2) and to the center crystal ("C") by drawing an invisible energy line above each crystal from one to the next - sort of like a wedge shape -- "C" to #1 to #2 to "C". Draw this connection 3 times and then move to the next crystal (right or left) and join it to it's neighbour and the center crystal - "C" to #2 to #3 to "C".

Keep going all the way around till you complete "C" to #6 to #1 to "C". Then set the master crystal aside and the grid is now charged. Try not to move anything in the grid as it may need to be recharged again.

How long it will stay charged probably depends on the crystals (I attune all mine). But many people just do the recharging every day or tow. At Rand's web site (www.reiki.org) he writes about his exploits creating large multi point world healing crystal grids and placing them in the region of the north and south poles. By now they are either belly scrapers for beluga whales or checker sets for penguins. (-:

Here's an older, more detailed version of a Reiki grid from Light and Adonea's pages: http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/9434/advanced1.html#crystal

I've also seen the above grids done in an infinity pattern. My friend Tom Rigler likes to draw each wedge in the grid just once, but he'll go around the grid a couple dozen times, really fast. He created a really good one at the URRI 2000 conference in Kyoto and we left it on the floor all weekend.

Here's a look at his grid http://threshold.ca/reiki/URRI_2000_Kyoto_2.html

Sharing from the Heart, Rick

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