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Is it Better to Walk or to Jog?


Have you ever wondered whether it's better to walk 5 miles or run it? Do you get the same workout? Is it better for your joints and your heart?

By Stas Bekman.

What is Better, Jogging or Walking?

Here is an interesting question about the advantages of jogging vs. walking, while doing the same distance:

"If you are doing distance, and not time, what is better, jogging or walking? To me, walking and jogging 3 miles are the same thing. Reason is, most people tell you to work out by time. So if you jog 3 miles, you will finish in say, 25 minutes. If you walk 3 miles, you will finish in say, 60 minutes (of course these are estimates). So the person who jogged will be chilling for 35 minutes while the person who walked is still working out. I told my wife that I think they balance themselves out. If you jog 3 miles, you exert more energy, but you work out shorter. If you walk 3 miles, you exert less energy, but you work out longer. I think they balance themselves out personally."

And here are some of the interesting answers to this question:

"An Article: "What's Your Perfect Fat Burning Zone?" from Men's Health magazine suggests that the "fat-burning zone" idea got its start about 15 years ago. when scientists reported that during high-intensity exercise, the body burned mostly stored carbohydrates for fuel, as opposed to burning stored fat as it did during lower-intensity activity. Exercise instructors took the news and ran, leading the charge for low-intensity "fat-burning" classes. We probably don't have to tell you that they didn't end up being a magic bullet for fat loss. Here's why. It's true that the body burns a higher percentage of calories from fat during more mellow exercise like walking and easy cycling. But. when you pick up the pace for a higher-intensity cardio work-out, you burn a greater number of overall calories (which should be your focus for weight loss) and subsequently just as much total fat."

"What's more, high-intensity exercise kicks your metabolism into high gear even after you're done working out. When you exercise vigorously, your metabolism stays revved up five times longer after a vigorous workout than after an easy one. Over time, this can add up to burning an additional 100 - 200 calories a day. The easiest way to infuse intensity into your existing routine is to sneak some intervals into the aerobic / workouts you already do. For, example: If you walk now, you start by warming up for 5 to 10 minutes, then try picking up your pace and running (so your breathing becomes heavy, but you're not gasping for breath) for 3 minutes, then walk for 3 minutes, and so on. Do this 2 days a week. Before long, the running will feel easier, and you'll be a speedier walker, too, which means more calories burned."

"You need to make sure you have the proper running shoes with lots of support. If you plan on doing it more often than a little bit then you might want to start popping some Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate supplements. Take about 1500mg of Gluco and 1200mg of Chon a day. Though docs don't know why, it's accepted as the medical version of the Tin Man's oil can, treating and preventing creeks in your joints. Of course before you go about taking any supplement -- consult your doctor!"

"Running burns far more calories than walking. If you are going to jog, look into purchasing a treadmill. The controlled impact of the treadmill is much better on you knees, hips and joints than the impact taken from running on concrete and asphalt. Plus the convenience of a treadmill gives you no excuse not to run. I'm on my fourth treadmill."

"Try an elliptical machine -- much better than on the knees than than both treadmill or pavement. I also get a good cardio workout from the recumbent bike, it may looks easy, but it has the sweat pouring off me. I run a little, but it hurts my knees also, on my cardio days at the gym I usually walk 2 miles on the indoor track (don't like treadmill) in about 30 min and use either the recumbent bike or elliptical for another 30 min for a total of 1 hr."

"I say hands down running is far better for our lungs. The harder you can push your body cardio-wise the better, without overdoing it of course. I look at walking as toning your legs and as a nice little conditioning thing to do, but running is where it's at. It'll raise your heart rate much more then walking which is a necessary work out for your heart, it'll clear your lungs much more and keep the junk in your lungs at more of a minimum. That's what I think. Or if you walk, then do a steep incline to get extra cardio."

"For some people, it's much better to power walk than to jog, but for some reason I have more pain in my hips and heels when I walk. Running just comes naturally to me, and I'll keep doing it as long as I can. The right shoes make a world of difference."

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