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39 Engines used in Chryslers since 1966:


This article is from the Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge FAQ, by Dr. David Zatz with numerous contributions by others.

39 Engines used in Chryslers since 1966:

* denotes an engine still in production for Chrysler vehicles

4 cylinders

1.4 (MMC) Colt, Champ
1.4 (CC/Rover) - in development, export only, for new minicar
1.5 (Sunbeam) Cricket (British)
1.5 (MMC) Colt, Summit
1.6 (MMC) Colt, Champ, Challenger, Sapporo, Arrow
1.6 (Peugeot) Omni, 024, Charger, Horizon, TC3, Turismo
1.6 turbo (MMC) Colt
1.6 DOHC (MMC) Colt, Summit
1.6 DOHC turbo (MMC) Colt
1.6 (CC/Rover) - in development, export only, for new minicar
originally; Now just for the Mini and export Neons
1.7 (VW) Omni, 024, Charger, Horizon, TC3, Turismo
1.8 (MMC) Colt, Vista, Summit, Laser, Talon
1.8 (CC)* Neons outside the US
2.0 (MMC) Arrow, Vista
2.0 DOHC (MMC) Laser, Talon
2.0 DOHC turbo (MMC) Laser, Talon
2.0 SOHC * Neon
2.0 DOHC * Neon, Sebring, Avenger, Talon, Stratus/Cirrus/Breeze
2.2 Omni, 024, Charger, Horizon, TC3, Turismo, Aries, Lancer,
Reliant, Shadow, Sundance, 400, 600, Caravelle, Caravan,
Voyager, LeBaron, Laser, Daytona, New Yorker, E-Class,
Executive, Limousine (note: TBI and carb versions)
2.2 turbo LeBaron, New Yorker, Limousine, Laser, Daytona,
Lancer, TC, 600, Shadow, Caravelle, Sundance, Omni,
Charger, E-Class, Shelby (note: MPI)
2.2 DOHC turbo Spirit, Daytona (joint venture with Lotus)
2.2 DOHC turbo TC (joint venture with Maserati)
2.2 (Renault) Medallion
2.4 (MMC) Vista, Summit
2.4* DOHC (CC) Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze, 1996+ minivans, PT
2.4 Turbo (CC) - PT GT, SRT-4, Mexican Stratus R/T
2.5 (CC) minivans, Aries, Reliant, Shadow, Sundance,
Duster, 600, Lancer, Dynasty, Daytona, Spirit, Acclaim,
LeBaron, Caravelle, Dakota (to 1995) - no carb versions
2.5 turbo (CC) minivans, Spirit, Acclaim, Shadow,
Sundance, LeBaron, Daytona (Note: MPI)
2.5 (AMC) Wrangler, Cherokee, Premier, Dakota (96+)
2.6 (MMC) New Yorker, E-Class, Executive, Limousine,
LeBaron, 400, 600, Aries, Reliant, Caravan, Voyager
2.6 turbo (MMC) Conquest (MMC)
[Coming up - Hyundai engine tweaked by Mitsubishi and Chrysler for use in
all three lines]

2.5 is 2.2 with balance shafts, minor changes. 2.0 (CC) is 2.2 with
different heads, fuel system, some tweaks. 3.9 V-6 (below) based on 318.
2.4 is 2.0 with balance shafts, other minor changes.

Chrysler families: 2.2/2.5, 2.0/2.4


2.5* (MMC) Sebring, Avenger, Cirrus, Stratus (based on 3.0)
2.7* LH series (1998-2001), Stratus/Sebring
3.0 (MMC) LeBaron, TC, minivans, New Yorker, Spirit,
Dynasty, Daytona, Stealth, Shadow ES, Acclaim, Duster
3.0 (Renault) Premier, Monaco
3.2 LH series (1998+)
3.3* New Yorker, Dynasty, LH series, minivans
3.5* LH series (1998+), Prowler (steel and aluminum versions) -
Chrysler considers the aluminum version to be entirely new
3.7* V-6 for trucks (2002+)
3.8* New Yorker Fifth Avenue, Imperial, minivans - bored 3.3
3.9 trucks (3.9 is based on the 318)

Chrysler-made V6 families are 2.7/3.2, 3.3/3.5/3.8, 3.9/318
MMC 2.5 and 3.0 are related

The SLANT SIX (share basic design)

2.8 (170) Dart, Valiant, Lancer, Barracuda (Canada), A100, D100
3.3 (198) Barracuda, Challenger, Dart, Valiant, Duster, Scamp
3.7 (225) Polara, Monaco, Coronet, Charger, Mirada, Diplomat, St.
Regis, Challenger, Dart, Aspen, Fury, Belvedere, Satellite,
Barracuda, Valiant, Duster, Scamp, Volare, Lancer


(flat head) - various sizes - ended in late 1950s for cars
215 - Australian Valiants
245 - Australian Valiants
265 - Australian Valiants
4.0* (AMC) Cherokee, Wagoneer, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee
4.2 (AMC) Wrangler

Families: 215/245/265, 4.0/4.2, flat heads

The Australian straight sixes was built on a basic design intended for
use in American trucks. They changed from the slant six to
Australian-built 215, 245, and 265 sixes in 1970. The Aussie models had
hemispherical heads, so the 3-2barrel Weber version could honestly be
called a Hemi Six-Pack.


4.5 (273) Dart, Valiant, Barracuda, Coronet, Belvedere, Satellite
4.7* 1999 Grand Cherokee, Charger R/T (CNG), next-gen Rams
5.2 (318) Polara, Monaco, Coronet, Charger, St. Regis, Magnum,
Mirada, Challenger, Dart, Aspen, Fury, VIP, Belvedere,
Satellite, Road Runner, Barracuda, Valiant, Scamp, Duster,
Volare, Cordoba, LeBaron, Newport, New Yorker, Gran Fury,
Imperial, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Diplomat, Demon,
pickups and SUVs thru 2001.
5.6 (340) Charger, Challenger, Dart, Barracuda, Duster, Road Runner,
5.7 Hemi (354) Ram trucks, LX cars (2002+)
5.9 (360) LeBaron, Newport, New Yorker, 300, Cordoba, Diplomat,
Polara, Monaco, Challenger, Dart, Aspen, Fury, Gran Fury,
Barracuda, Duster, St. Regis, pickups and SUVs thru 2002.
(345) Hemi Magnum engine for trucks, next-gen large cars
5.9 (361) Coronet, Charger, Belvedere
5.9 (360-AMC) Grand Wagoneer
6.3 (383) Newport, 300, Town & Country, Polara, Monaco, Coronet,
Charger, Challenger, Dart, Fury, Belvedere, Satellite, Road
Runner, Barracuda, Magnum
6.6 (400) Newport, New Yorker, Town & Country, Monaco, Fury, Road
Runner, Gran Fury, Charger, maybe Cordoba, Magnum
7.0 (426, Hemi & Wedge) Belvedere, Road Runner, GTX, Barracuda,
Challenger, Charger, Coronet, Daytona, Superbird
7.2 (440) Newport, New Yorker, 300, Town & Country, Imperial, Polara,
Monaco, Coronet, Charger, Challenger, Fury, VIP, Belvedere,
Road Runner, GTX, Barracuda, Daytona, Superbird

8.0 V-10* Viper, Ram trucks (two versions, fairly different)
Truck version (cast iron) ended in 2002. Aluminum continues.

Gary Howell clarifies:

** Small blocks (except new 4.7) **
273/318/340/360 are LA engines they look the same from the outside.
LA stands for "Lightweight-casting A"
[There is now an A/LA page at http://www.allpar.com/mopar/318.html]

273 cu. in. 1964-69 3.31 stroke and 3.63 bore
318 cu. in. 1968-91 3.31 stroke and 3.91 bore
340 cu. in. 1968-73 3.31 stroke and 4.04 bore
360 cu. in. 1971-91 3.58 stroke and 4.00 bore

The A engines (not LA) are older small blocks and look the same on the
outside to each other. The blocks are different in deck height, but
share some internal components with the LA block. The cylinder heads
and intake are different.

277 cu. in. 1956 3.75 bore and 3.12 stroke
301 cu. in. 1957 3.91 bore and 3.12 stroke
318 cu. in. 1957-67 3.91 bore and 3.31 stroke

The Magnum 318 and 360 engines are LA engines with different cylnder
heads. The blocks are physically the same as the earier LA engines,
except the oil
passage for the shaft mounted rockers is not drilled, because the Magnum
engines oil through the push rods. The boss is there if you need to use
the old style heads.

** Big Blocks **

There are eight different big blocks. The B blocks are short deck and
the RBs are tall deck. The RBs require a wider intake manifold.
[RB engine page: http://www.allpar.com/mopar/383.html]

B: 350, 361, 383, 400
RB: 383, 413, 426 Wedge (not Hemi), 440

All B engine use 3.38 stroke crank with different bores, and all RB
engines use 3.75 stroke crank with different bores. You'll notice that
the 383 is listed in two differnent places. There were two different
383s; the RB is very rare, only produced 64. The 350 was only produced
in 1958.


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