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37 What Should I Do If I Have The Following Car/Engine?


This article is from the Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge FAQ, by Dr. David Zatz with numerous contributions by others.

37 What Should I Do If I Have The Following Car/Engine?

Note: you are strongly advised to also visit the Troubleshooting
section (part 4). If a problem is noted, with no
solution, the solution is listed in the Troubleshooting section.


2.2/2.5 turbo:
check for fuel leaks and loose fuel line connections
head gasket failure (possibly due to heavy use)

Any 2.2 or 2.5 liter engine:
oil leaks from the valve cover gasket and oil pan.
oil seeping into airbox or air hose
poor idle from any number of causes (see part 5)

Any Mitsubishi engine
high oil consumption
replace the timing belts on time!

Carbureted V-8/slant six engines
replace the crankcase inlet air filter regularly.
keep a spare ballast resistor in your glove compartment
make sure the stove and damper (vacuum-powered valve) are working

Any engine without DIS (if you have a rotor, this applies to you)
Check your timing, it may have been set wrong at the factory.
Other problems may be caused by low quality rotor or different
brand rotor and distributor cap. (Standard-Bluestreak was recommended
by Dan Stern. There have been malformed Mopar 2.2/2.5 caps).


4-speed automatic
1989-94: watch for early failure and press Chrysler to pay for repairs.
all: Change fluid regularly with *recommended* fluid.
KNOW the right fluid (owner's manual ONLY). Do NOT trust mechanics.
The right fluid for 1988-1998 transmissions is Type 7176.
The right fluid for 1999 and up models is ATF+4.
See http://www.allpar.com/fix/trans.html
DO NOT use non-recommended fluid or ANY additives.
Check for TSBs and have the computer replaced if
needed. If a dealer doesn't feel/hear it, find another. Persist
until they follow the TSB. The new computer save wear and tear
on the transmission for various reasons. (Note: 1996+ transmissions
have software-upgradable computers)
MOST problems are due to MAINTENANCE ISSUES. Do the maintenance
with EXACTLY the fluids and parts recommended!
Chrysler has informally extended some transmission warranties due
to earlier problems.
AGAIN, DO NOT USE DEXRON! Do not trust any mechanic! ASK!

5-speed manual transmission, pre-1994 (non-MMC):
Seepage from the transaxle is common. CC may fix it for free
even if out of warranty. Then again, they may not.


1990-93 Bendix systems (all brands) may have early problems.
On Chrysler products, the trouble-prone ABS-10 was on minivans,
New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, Imperial, Eagle Premier, Dodge
Dynasty, and Dodge Monaco.
*** There has been a RECALL on these systems and the warranty
on them has been extended to 100,000 miles, according to reports.
You may be able to prevent problems with ABS systems by
changing the brake fluid every 2-4 years.
See the Web site at http://www.allpar.com/


Neon see the Neon FAQ.
whining noise from the computer for 3-4 minutes after the engine
is shut, periodically, is normal.
engine light comes on: see Computer Codes, part 3.
bad head gasket (1995-97 models): seems to affect EVERY Neon.
Chrysler will pay for part of a replacement depending on your
mileage. Some will get a free new head gasket, some will pay
$100, some are not covered. The replacement should last longer.
Other Neon issues - see http://www.allpar.com/neon/neon.html


Metallic paints are more prone to problems.
Blue seems to be more prone to problems.
Red is known for fading and peeling.
Note: this applies to all brands of cars and trucks.
There is a paint problem FAQ you may be interested in - it's referenced
at http://www.allpar.com/autolinks.html

Paint application is getting better all the time; failures in the 1980s
and 1990s do not mean that Chrysler will have problems with current vehicles.
Other brands experienced the same problems...


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