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13 Who featured in the series? (The Young Ones)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

13 Who featured in the series? (The Young Ones)

Mark Arden and Stephen Frost

* Boring: two policemen in the front page of The Guardian
* Interesting: two party crashers
* Cash: two Elizabethan ghosts
* Nasty: two secret agents (Sweater & Ruffles)
* Sick: two muck-men, Mick & Tess

Robbie Coltrane

* OIL: Sully the bouncer at Mike's roller-disco
* BAMBI: Dr. Carlisle who finds human beings the size of amoebas
* TIME: Captain on the Pirate Radio show hosting the Dull Religious
Music Show

Ben Elton

* DEMOLITION: the presenter of Nozin' Around
* BAMBI: Kendal Mintcake, the Oxbridge oik who was given the Socialist
Worker Party for his birthday
* FLOOD: The blind DJ interviewing an armless female singer
* SICK: The schoolboy in the Grange Hill spoof
* SUMMER HOLIDAY: the guy in the advert drinking Hawk lager

Please see the Ben Elton FAQ for more details...

Dawn French

* INTERESTING:the violent Bible-bashing preacher
* NASTY: the Devil in the Pain-Away commercial
* TIME: The Easter Bunny

Gareth Hale (the one with the moustache) & Norman Pace

* NASTY: two grave diggers
* TIME: two peasants

Jools Holland

* CASH: part of the band
* SUMMER HOLIDAY: the punk with the enormous mohawk at the bank

David Rappaport (the dwarf in TIME BANDITS and LA LAW)

* BORING: Ftmsch, the red dwarf from Hell
* FLOOD: Shirley, the Wicked Witch's servant

(He later killed himself partly due to the lack of serious roles)

Tony Robinson

* BAMBI: The doctor looking after the Elephant Man
* NASTY: one of the criminals bound for Australia

Jennifer Saunders

* INTERESTING: the party-goer with lots of toy mice in her handbag
* TIME: Helen Mucus, Rick's girlfriend ?!!!

Alexei Sayle (The Balowski family)

* DEMOLITION: Jerzei Balowski, their Polish landlord.
* OIL: Alexei Yuri...Balowski, the lead singer of the band.
* BORING: Billy Balovski, Jerzei's clinically insane brother, who drove
in from Brazil to imitate a Dalek using a cactus pot.
* BOMB: Reggie Balowski, the Cockney arms dealer.
* INTERESTING: drunk party-goer who pukes all over a posh person.
* FLOOD: Jerzei (the landlord), who turns into an axe-wielding
homicidal maniac.
* BAMBI: A train driver
* CASH: A police officer who looks remarakbly similar to Mussolini and
becomes a stand-up comedian at nights
* NASTY: A South African Communist vampire - or is he ?
* TIME: Host of "Jester Balowski's Medieval Torture Hour"
* SICK: Brian Damage Balowski, an escaped murderer
* SUMMER HOLIDAY: Jerzei Balowski, the dreaded landlord

Special Patrol Group

Vyvyan's pet, a Scottish hamster with an attitude who likes sleeping
in front of Vyvyan's car, and giving Glasgow kisses to teddy bears.

People who occasionally pop up

* Mark Arden: BOMB as the "gay" husband on the cornflakes packet
* Helen Atkinson-Wood: NASTY as the woman condemned to Hell
* Chris Barrie: NASTY as Captain of the ship bound for Australia
* Arthur Brown: FLOOD
* Alan Freeman: CASH and SUMMER HOLIDAY as God
* Stephen Fry: BAMBI as Lord Snot, a contestant on University Challenge
from Footlights College, Oxbridge.
* Ronnie Golden: OIL as Buddy Holly
* Lenny Henry: SUMMER HOLIDAY as the Nazi postman
* Terry Jones: NASTY as the drunken priest. Better known as a member of
the Monty Python team.
* Hugh Laurie: BAMBI as Lord Monty from Footlights College
* Helen Lederer: SUMMER HOLIDAY, as the female "Good morning sir" bank
* Norman Lovett: SUMMER HOLIDAY - the owner of the Penny Arcade
* Lise Mayer: SUMMER HOLIDAY, as the woman Ben Elton is chatting up in
the Sharp advert (?)
* Paul Merton: TIME, as a Yokel under his real name "Paul Martin"
* Griff Rhys Jones: BAMBI as the quiz-host of University Challenge.
* Roger Sloman: BOMB as the TV licence inspector
* Mel Smith: BAMBI, the security guard at Granada studios.
* Emma Thompson: BAMBI as Miss Money-Sterling, the Oxbridge oik who
has a Porsche.


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