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08 Video (The Young Ones)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

08 Video (The Young Ones)

United Kingdom
All 12 episodes are available on two double-tape packs from BBC Video, on
PAL VHS Hi-Fi Stereo tapes for ?16.99 per double-tape pack. Each
double-pack lasts about 200 minutes long, and is rated 15. They were
released by BBC Enterprises in 1992, and the video catalogue numbers are
BBCV 4788 and BBCV 4789.

There is also a compilation tape, called THE VERY BEST OF THE YOUNG ONES,
which has the episodes Bomb, Boring, Bambi, Interesting, and Summer
Holiday. On PAL VHS tape, it costs ?12.99, and the video number is BBCV

United States and Canada
CBS FOX have now released all the episodes of The Young Ones onto 4 NTSC
videotapes priced at $14.98 (Can$ 16.95 ?) each.

Each tape contains three episodes, consisting of :

Tape 1 Oil, Boring and Flood No. 5402
Tape 2 Bambi, Nasty and Time No. 8440
Tape 3 Cash, Interesting and Summer Holiday No. 8441
Tape 4 Demolition, Bomb, and Sick No. 8442

These Young Ones tapes should be available from your local video retailer
(such as Suncoast,.Best Buy and National Record Mart) - or these outlets:

MediaMart at http://www.mediamart.com/sales
They seem to be the cheapest at US$12.99 per tape
VideoFlicks at http://www.videoflicks.com
Located in Toronto, they charge US$13.99 (CAN$ 17.99) per tape
A1 Video at http://www.a1video.webway.com
They charge US$14.98 per tape
425 E Colorado Street
CA 91205
Tel: +1 800 343-4727
Direct Video
Tel: +1 800 461 1651

Videofinders charge $67.42 for the entire set, which includes postage and
packing. Don't forget to tell whoever you order from that the British
Comedy Library on the Internet sent you here!

You may care to note that the tapes have not been issued in order of
broadcast release, and the videos have been edited in some areas,
presumably for copyright reasons.

Cash has been edited, so as not to feature the "Subterranean Homesick
Blues" musical segment. What happens is that SPG shouts "Don't tell 'em
you're a pacifist!" and there's a crossfade to outside the recruitment
office, with new incidental music. Also in Nasty, the sequence of Neil in
the darkened bathroom singing "Hello Darkness, my old friend" has also
been cut out.

If you want the complete Young Ones, without edits, then there are
specialist video retailers in North America, who may have an NTSC copy of
the Complete Young Ones, and plenty of other British programmes,

The WVIZ Store BFS
1108 South Park Center BFS Inc.
Strongsville, Ohio 44136 350 Newkirk Road North
Tel: (216) 846-8793 CANADA

Tel. +1 800 268 3891

You can buy two subtitled Young Ones video tapes in the Netherlands:
SCV 36129: contains Bambi, Nasty, Time
SCV 96064: contains: Cash, Interesting, Summer Holiday

The tapes are marketed by Warner Home Video, and can be obtained at Free
Record Shops and some video rental shops in the Netherlands for about Hfl

Melody Line sells The Young Ones double-video packs, as well as other
British comedy videos. They are on the Web at http://www.melodyline.se,
and their Email address is melody.line@mailbox.swipnet.se. You can also
call them on +46-31-17 39 50; or fax them on +46-31-13 97 95.


Australia and New Zealand

Head of Marketing (Video)
Polygram Video
Unit A
122 McEvoy St.
NSW 2015
Tel. 612 318 8666
Fax: 612-319-4758


Head of Marketing
Pony Canyon Video Inc.
3-3-5 Kudan Kita
Tokyo 102
Tel: 813-3221-3151
Fax: 813-3221-3168


The BBC Shop
P.O. Box 1QX
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE99 1QX
Tel. +44 (0) 191 222 0381
BBC Video Enterprises (consumer inquiry line)
Tel. +44 (0) 181 576-2236

Otherwise you'll have to buy all 12 episodes on PAL format from the BBC,
then find a nice willing person with an NTSC/PAL/SECAM converter (as
appropriate). You could get together with others and share the costs. With
postage and packing, both tapes would cost ?51.48. If you're interested,
let me know...


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