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07 What have they done since? (The Young Ones Cast)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

07 What have they done since? (The Young Ones Cast)

Adrian Edmondson

* Bottom (with Rik Mayall)
* Absolutely Fabulous - a food reviewer
* The Comic Strip Presents...Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase as Gregory
* If you see God, tell him (1993)

He is married to Jennifer Saunders (writer and star of Absolutely
Fabulous) and on a Hysteria AIDS benefit concert said "You might remember
me .. I used to be very funny. But it's been a long time since The Young
Ones, and I've just come to this benefit to boost my sadly flagging
career, though I don't know what the f**k this do is all about."

He also co-wrote a book entitled How to be a Complete B*stard. His first
novel, The Gobbler, is now available in paperback.

Please refer to the Adrian Edmondson FAQ for more info.

Rik Mayall

* Shock Treatment as Ricki, the male nurse
* The New Statesman as Alan B'stard, a right-wing Tory MP
* Drop Dead Fred - his first Hollywood movie with Phoebe Cates
* Rik Mayall Presents.... - a series of six 60-minutes TV films
* Blackadder 1: final episode as Mad Gerald
* Blackadder 2, Blackadder Goes Forth: Lord Flash-heart

and much much more. Refer to the Rik Mayall FAQ for more details.

Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall

* The Dangerous Brothers - made before The Young Ones were written.
* Waiting for Godot: the stage play
* Bottom (with Rik playing Richard, and Adrian playing Eddie Hitler)
* Blackadder Goes Forth (Private Plane)

Nigel Planer

* King and Castle as a pacifist martial artist employed by a debt
collection agency
* Roll over Beethoven: a short-lived ITV sitcom with Liza Goddard.
* Trials of Oz: played John Peel (Radio 1 DJ) in a re-enactment of The
Trials Of Oz
* Brazil (film) as one of the technicians unable to plug the hole in
Buttle (or is it Tuttle?)'s ceiling
* Yellowbeard (film): bit part
* Blackadder The Third (Nob and Nobility) as Lord Smedley
* Nicholas Craig Masterclasses as a pretentious actor doing 10-minute
acting lessons on BBC2. Brilliant !
* Bonjour La Classe as a French teacher
* The Comic Strip Presents...Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase as the
* An American Bud Lite commerical as a restaurant reviewer
* Shine On Harvey Moon
* A constable in one of Granada's Sherlock Holmes adaptations

He has also co-written a novel with Robert Llewelyn (Kryten, Red Dwarf)
entitled "Therapy - How to Avoid It". Priced at ?10, the ISBN number is 0
340 64905 4.

He also contributed a foreword to "Zen and the Magic of Roundabout
Maintenance", a book about the Magic Roundabout written by Dougal and
Zebedee (well, actually Roger Planer). The ISBN number is 0 14 090379 8,
and was priced at ?4.99

Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer

* Filthy, Rich and Catflap
* The Comic Strip Presents... Eat The Rich with Rik as the Union
organiser, Nigel as the unemployment office worker, and Ade as an
obvnoxious posh guy.
* The Comic Strip Presents... Bad News - a spoof British heavy metal
band, like Spinal Tap. They had the dubious honour of performing
with Weird "Al" Yankovic on his version of Bohemian Rhapsody...
* and many other COMIC STRIPS, which deserve an FAQ of their own...

Christopher Ryan

* Waiting for Godot - the stage play (with Rik and Adrian)
* Santa Claus The Motion Picture - one of the elfs
* Doctor Who: Trial of a Time Lord (Mindwarp)
* One Foot in the Grave - a plumber
* Absolutely Fabulous: Edina's first husband with a horrible New-Age
American wife
* Bottom - as Hedgehog, in Accident, Holy and Parade (with Rik & Ade)
* Back To School, Mr. Bean
* Only Fools and Horses

He's predominately a stage actor, and was in Guys And Dolls and Off The

Alexei Sayle

* Alexei Sayle presents... STUFF
* The Alexei Sayle Show
* Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
* Dr Who: Revelation of the Daleks
* Paris
* Gorky Park - as a black marketeer in Moscow
* Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special

Ben Elton (writer, playwright, actor/comedian)

* Co-wrote Blackadder 2, Blackadder 3 and Blackadder Goes Forth.
* Released many comedic albums, including Motormouth, and Motorvation.
* Written four novels - Stark, Gridlock, This Other Eden, Popcorn
* Written three plays - Gasping, Silly Cow, Popcorn
* Co-hosted Friday Night Live and Saturday Night Live (UK)
* Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - as Verges, Michael Keaton's sidekick
* Stark (1993) - a BBC-ABC (Australian) co-production, as CD.
* The Thin Blue Line (1995,1997) - a sitcom set in a police station
starring Rowan Atkinson, with Ben Elton as writer and producer

For more info, please refer to the Ben Elton FAQ

Lise Mayer

* Paramount City (London Underground - U.S.) - producer
* No Cure For Cancer - worked with Denis Leary
* Montreal Comedy Festival - wrote a sketch with Rowan Atkinson as a
Canada tourism salesman
* Amassed Hysteria! - co-edited the book with Rachel Swann.

She was the girlfriend of Rik Mayall at the time - until he left her when
she was pregnant for his current wife (at least according to a feature on
him in GQ Magazine). She has also allegedly "dated" with Rowan Atkinson,
Harry Enfield and Angus Deayton... though she's collaborated with Angus
Deayton on a number of writing duties.


For more information on the other actors mentioned, try other sections of
the British Comedy Library, refer to other World Wide Web sites, or E-mail
me (britcom@audiophile.com) -- I may have the press biographies.


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