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05 The Young Ones Episodes Season 2 (1984)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

05 The Young Ones Episodes Season 2 (1984)


"Who produced the world's stickiest bogey and the world's stupidest
bottom-burp ? Who's smashing the oiks on University Challenge and who's
swotting away for teacher like a total spasmo?"

The lads compete on a game show (representing Scumbag College) against
some upper-class students from Footlights College, Cambridge while The
Elephant Man tries to convince Tony Robinson that he is an elephant.

Probably the most famous episode, this is especially appreciated after
exams! This features Motorhead performing Ace Of Spades with a rare
4-piece line-up, and lots of British stars of the future, including
someone who will later fall to pieces in front of 500,000,000 viewers
across the world...


"Hey man ! It's really weird ! Strange things keep happening. Like plates
are disappearing and the tables keep, well, shrinking. Looks like there's
a poltergoost in the house...."

Our heroes find themselves running out of money, Vyvyan announces his
pregnancy and Neil becomes a police officer. The song is Subterranean
Homesick Blues performed by (amongst others) Jools Holland, Glen Tilbrook,
and Stewart Copeland (of The Police).


"Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, Vyv is now a video head and Neil's wearing
a dress because some really selfish negative vibe merchant boarded up his
bedroom. Only pop music can save them now."

The video revolution catches with the gang as they decide to rent some
nasty videos with plenty of sex and violence. Of course, a vampire
(naturally from South Africa) tends to ruin things. The band playing in
the living room are The Damned with Video Nasty. This episode has a
different beginning sequence, presenting the episode as if it were a
horror film.


"Vyv's being violently and copiously sick because Rick's like scored with
a chick and the whole house has like gone through some kind of time warp."

Can it be true ?!! Rick found a girlfriend ?!!! This episode also starts
with different credits, a Dallas parody featuring a secretary typing with
her nipples... The band are Amazulu, performing "Moonlight Romance"


"There's bogeys on the blankets and snot on the sheets when Neil and the
others come down with the worst colds in the history of civilisation !"

Neil has a cold, and even Vyvyan's cure of drilling a nail in his head
doesn't quite work, which is a pity since it sparks off a street riot.
They're also taken hostage by Brian Damage, an escaped murderer. But their
troubles are forgotten as the real horror happens - Neil's parents come to
tea!! Also features a good parody of "The Good Life" (aka "Good Neighbors"
in the US), Madness singing "Our House" and the return of Vyvyan's mother.


"Hey, everybody ! School's out ! Hurray ! Hurray ! Except, like there's
nothing to do, man, apart from getting on a big red bus and having a
really explosive trip. It should be pretty good fun, actually."

In the final episode, the summer holidays beckon. Rick's parents die, and
they are all thrown out of the house with no money. Will Rick be forced to
sell his body ? What will our intrepid heroes do next ? The music is
brought to you by John Otway, singing Body Talk.


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