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04 The Young Ones Episodes Season 1 (1982)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

04 The Young Ones Episodes Season 1 (1982)


"Fascist oiks at the Town Hall want to demolish the house. Why bother with
Vyv around to do the business for them ?"

This was the pilot episode, and it shows. All the essential elements that
made The Young Ones what it is is there in one form or another, but some
elements of the characters are expanded upon here and others contracted.
Mike is more of a self-styled ladykiller, Neil keeps trying to commit
suicide, Rick's poetry and love of Cliff Richard is more fanatical, and
Vyvyan makes his entrance through a wall. The band playing in the living


"As Rick, Vyv, Neil, and Mike move into their new house, the talking
statue at the front door begins an odyssey of zaniness that is to
culminate in a worker's revolution and a fully-fledged benefit concert in
the front room."

Moving into an new house, Vyvyan finds oil in the basement. This was made
six months after Demolition, yet transmitted the week after it. Infamous
moments from this one include Buddy Holly singing about insects, the two
hard-working executives taking a holiday in front of a 20-watt bulb, Neil
having six pairs of arms and Radical Posture / Alexei Sayle singing about
Dr. Marten boots.


"Is life really that boring for the four students ? A terrorist siege in
their own house; a visitation from Hell; a fairy tale world that
flourishes while they are asleep. And yet they are so B-O-R-E-D that Neil
is driven to dig himself in a grave and Vyv chops his finger off."

It's an average boring normal day in Studentville - or is it? This
features a walk down Abbey Road (in London) to the Kebab and Calculator
(in Bristol), the three bears, a red dwarf from Hell called Footoomch
(sp?), Vyvyan's mother, and Madness singing House Of Fun. Anyone who was
in Studentville will know days like this :-)


"A potentially explosive situation erupts when a bomb falls on the house
.... But worse ! The TV licence man calls."

The lads find an atomic bomb and try to auction it to the highest seller.
This involves Neil painting himself white to deflect a nuclear blast, the
Dicky and Dino show, and Dexys' Midnight Runners singing "Jackie Wilson
said" in the toilet. Footage of a plane dropping the bomb precedes the

"Haven't you really got anything better to do" fact: - Notice that when
the gang switches on the TV to find out what's going on, the picture of
the test card is actually stuck onto the TV, and the camera swings around
to hide this fact after the TV has outlived its' usefulness...


"It's party-time ! Where else could you mingle with the four horsemen of
the Apocalypse, a giant sandwich and a singing tomato? Pretty amazing
stuff eh ? Just ignore Neil's boring hippy friend chilling-out in the
fridge ... "

This one features Jennifer Saunders with toy mice in her handbag, Neil on
the moon, Rick's sociology professor Jim Morrison, Cinderella and Santa
Claus. The song is "You're My Kind Of Climate" by RIP, RIG AND PANIC,
featuring a young Neneh Cherry. If you've ever held a party as a stoodent,
you may well sympathise with this one..


"While London floods, Rick tries to elevate proceedings with a game of
hide-and-seek. Meanwhile his sociology file is set on fire by Vyv, Mike's
room is occupied by a pride of lions, and landlord Alexei Sayle turns into
an axe-wielding homicidal maniac."

It starts with the guys being bored, and Neil repeatedly bashing himself
in the face with a frying pan. The guys also try to eat Neil when he
returns from the supermarket empty-handed. Vyv hides in the wardrobe and
ends up in Narnia. No band or music.



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