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3.12.9 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.9 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[404] {#73}--"When The Bough Breaks" (97 Oct 16)
Writer: Jack Orman
Director: Richard Thorpe
The ER is deludged with injured children following a school
bus accident; Carter's patience with Benton's snubs comes
to an end; Anna and Doug lock horns over pediatrics turf;
Carol faces accusations from a crack-abusing mother, and
is angry at Mark's lack of support; baby Reese Benton
finally leaves the NICU; Jeanie is forced make a life-or-
death decision when faced with a patient with an open wound;
Mark receives a visit from his ex-wife.

[405] {#74}--"Good Touch, Bad Touch" (97 Oct 30)
Writer: David Mills
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Mark gives a deposition in the Law family lawsuit, things
heat up and Chris Law angrily tells Mark that "he wished he
were the one who beat him up"; Peter struggles to take care
of Reese, and complete his work requirements; Anna diagnosis
a young athlete with cancer; Carter clashes with Dale, and
wonders if leaving surgery was a good option; Carol has an
idea of starting a free clinic.

[406] {#75}--"Ground Zero" (97 Nov 6)
Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
Director: Darnell Martin
Kerry has to fire some physician's assistants, one of whom
is Jeanie; Al wants Jeanie to move with him to Atlanta;
Carter introduces Carol to his grandmother, who provides
funding for the clinic; Anna also attends, and is angry
with Carter for hiding his family wealth; Doug learns that
his father died, he and Mark make plans to go to California;
Mark and Cynthia start an affair.

[407] {#76}--"Fathers and Sons" (97 Nov 13)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Christopher Chulack
Doug and Mark learn that Doug's father was driving drunk
and caused an accident that killed himself, his wife, and
a trucker; Doug attends the trucker's funeral and attempts
to come to terms with his own relationship with his father;
Mark has an uneasy reunion with his parents in San Diego;
Carol surprises Doug, and together with Mark they scatter
Ray's ashes; Doug decides to try to contact his stepmother's

[408] {#77}--"Freak Show" (97 Nov 20)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Darnell Martin
Peter, Corday, and Romano operate on a young boy with a
rare reversed organ condition; Cynthia is responsible for
the free clinic opening earlier than it was supposed to,
which angers Carol; Mark gives Carol a note written by
Doug, which Cynthia mistakenly thinks is a note for her
from Mark; Carter and Anna treat Henry for a severe
allergic reaction; Jeanie goes to Anspaugh and demands to
know if her firing is HIV related.

[409] {#78}--"Obstruction of Justice" (97 Dec 12)
Writer: Lance Gentile
Director: Richard Thorpe
On the advice of her lawyers, Jeannie refuses to accept
being fired; Kerry confronts Jeannie, but is not backed
up by Anspaugh, who eventually gives Jeannie her job back;
Carter bucks a cop trying to get samples from Carter's
patient, and ends up being arrested; Mark lets his lawyer
play "Doc For A Day"; Carol and Cynthia catch each other
in indiscretions; Corday and Benton have a confrontation
regarding experimental surgery.

[410] {#79}--"Do You See What I See?" (97 Dec 18)
Writer: Linda Gase
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Benton becomes "St. Peter" to a blind patient that he
"heals"; Mark's elderly rape victim gives him insight into
his own feelings of victimization; Cynthia shares a
disturbing secret with Mark; Carol takes Carter's Gamma and
cousin Chase on a tour of the free clinic; Corday stays
with her patient and forgoes her holiday leave; both Carol
and Doug make surprise announcements at the ER Christmas

[411] {#80}--"Think Warm Thoughts" (98 Jan 8)
Writer: David Mills
Director: Charles Haid
Anspaugh's son visits the ER as a cancer patient; Hathaway
discovers another elderly woman has been raped; "Wild Willie"
Swift returns--as a Synergix attending; Corday and Rocket
bump heads when she tries to arrange for throat surgery on
Rocket's knee patient; Carter tries to convince a med student
to choose ER as her specialty.

[412] {#81}--"Sharp Relief" (98 Jan 15)
Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
Director: Christopher Chulack
Yet another elderly woman has been raped; Anspaugh asks
Boulet to take care of his son; Ross and Hathaway's
relationship hits a speed bump; Weaver has second thoughts
about Ellis and about Synergix's methods; Benton and Corday
reach an understanding regarding Romano; Carter confronts
his cousin about his habits.


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