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3.12.10 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.10 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[413] {#82}--"Carter's Choice" (98 Jan 29)
Writer: John Wells
Director: John Wells
During a blizzard which depletes County's blood supply,
Carter faces an ethical dilemma: save the serial rapist or
use the available blood for other patients? Also, Ellis
West surprises Weaver with a decision about Synergix;
Hathaway confronts a surprised Ross about their relationship;
Peter and Carla disagree on day care for their son.

[414] {#83}--"Family Practice" (98 Feb 5)
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Charles Haid
Mark returns to San Diego to be with his hospitalized mother,
and confronts his past in the form of his father--as well
as his present: Cynthia.

[415] {#84}--"Exodus" (98 Feb 26)
Writer: Walon Green & Joe Sachs
Director: Christopher Chulack
"Exodus" puts the "E" back in "ER": an industrial accident
affects the ER personnel both inside and outside County...
While on a paramedic ride-with, Corday helps rescue a man
trapped in a collapsed chemical warehouse; faced with the
chaos of an unprepared ER in the aftermath of a Benzene
spill, Carter takes over; trapped in an elevator, Ross and
Hathaway Fight Against Time to save an 8-year-old patient.

[416] {#85}--"My Brother's Keeper" (98 Mar 5)
Writer: Jack Orman
Director: Jacque Toberen
The Carter family--John, Chase, and their grandparents--
face a crisis; Ross nervously prepares to present a Peds
paper, but Weaver has something to say about it; Greene
searches for Closure with Cynthia; Del Amico deals with a
seriously ill patient that was passed over by another
hospital; Romano disses Corday in her performance eval,
and she seeks out support from Benton.

[417] {#86}--"A Bloody Mess" (98 Apr 9)
Writer: Linda Gase
Director: Richard Thorpe
The husband of Anna's pregnant patient in crisis, calls
Anna's background into question; Morgenstern comes back--
perhaps too soon after his heart attack; Benton and Corday
clash, and crash; Corday makes a decision about working
with Romano on an important blood study; Jeanie and Scotty
deal with the return of his cancer; Hathaway treats a
16-year-old girl who may be involved with more than she
can handle; Carter helps Chase cope with his slow recovery.

[418] {#87}--"Gut Reaction" (98 Apr 16)
Writer: Linda Gase
Director: Richard Thorpe
Benton and Morganstern's routine surgery takes a tragic
turn; Carter asks Del Amico out, then helps her donate bone
marrow; Gamma takes out her anger over Chase, on Hathaway's
Clinic, then on Carter; Ross pushes for a Pedes Attending,
to the dismay of Greene and Weaver; Scott decides on getting
more chemo, with Jeanie's blessing; the annual ER Banquet
is held, and Hilarity Ensues [over here by The Moose...]

[419] {#88}--"Shades of Gray" (98 Apr 23)
Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
Director: Lance Gentile
Cut off from his family's money, Carter Learns How To Be Poor;
Jeanie says goodbye to a friend; Doug treats a patient
affected by an abortion clinic's bombing--as does Corday;
the fallout from what should've been routine surgery,
continues to haunt Morganstern and Benton; Anna refuses to
continue an abortion left unfinshed by the bombing; after
having a difficult day, Benton and Corday seek solace in
each others' arms.

[420] {#89}--"Of Past Regret and Future Fear" (98 Apr 30)
Writer: Jack Orman
Director: Anthony Edwards
Carol bonds with a man who was doused with chemicals and
given only hours to live; Benton and Corday come to terms
The Morning After, but still both have Something To Hide;
Carter and Gamma disagree on what to do about Chase; Ross
confronts an addicted mother who has strung out her infant son.

[421] {#90}--"Suffer the Little Children" (98 May 7)
Writer: Walon Green
Director: Christopher Misiano
Ross and Hathaway risk their careers when they detox an
infant using a medical method not approved--by the hospital
or the mother; Peter confronts Romano about Peter and Liz's
affair, to possible dire consequences; Del Amico treats a
TV evangelist; Dr. Max Rosher, Anna's ex- (and future?)
boyfriend, arrives to assess the possibility of a pedes
unit in the ER; Jeanie fears her HIV is becoming worse.


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