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3.12.2 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.2 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[111] {#11}--"The Gift" (94 Dec 15)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala'
Benton attempts to make a Christmas gift out of a dying
man's organs for waiting donors, but the man's estranged
wife is reluctant to sign the release; Div Cvetic moves
out of Susan's apartment and vanishes without a trace;
Carter attempts to kiss Susan outside her door; the
torch-song-crooning "Madame X" returns.

[112] {#12}--"Happy New Year" (95 Jan 5)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Charles Haid
Susan and Kaysen blame each other for a misdiagnosis which
costs a heart patient his life; after complaining to Benton
about doing "scut work", Carter finally gets to scrub up;
Benton's sister Jackie decides to put their mother in a
nursing home, against Peter's wishes; Chloe announces that
she and her boyfriend are leaving for Texas.

[113] {#13}--"Luck of the Draw" (95 Jan 12)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: Rod Holcomb
Morganstern reprimands Susan for her lack of confidence;
Susan feels betrayed by Mark, who's the one who reported
Susan's problems to Morganstern; Carter works with a med
student new to the ER, Deb Chen.

[114] {#14}--"Long Day's Journey" (95 Jan 19)
Writer: Robert Nathan
Director: Anita Addison
Doug goes through an especially difficult day dealing with
the problems of various children; Susan is vindicated in
her review before the resident board; Peter hires Jeanie
Boulet, a physical therapist, to care for his mother in
lieu of a nursing home; Deb outshines Carter in the
diagnosis department; Carol and Tag try to plan a special
night together.

[115] {#15}--"Feb 5, '95" (95 Feb 2)
Writer: John Wells
Director: James Hayman
Mark tries to relieve the suffering of a woman with breast
cancer; Benton clashes with Haleh over his attitude towards
nurses; Deb delivers an impressive trauma presentation, to
Carter's dismay; Doug continues befriending Jake in an
effort to win over Jake's mom; Mark accepts Morganstern's
offer to make him an attending the next year, without
discussing it with Jen.

[116] {#16}--"Make of Two Hearts" (95 Feb 9)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Mimi Leder
Carol deals with a woman who brings in her adopted
HIV-positive daughter only to abandon her at the hospital;
Kaysen wants Susan to be his Valentine; Mark and Susan
reconcile their recent spat; Deb accidentally eats some
LSD-laced chocolates; Benton's mother's condition worsens.

[117] {#17}--"The Birthday Party" (95 Feb 16)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Elodia Keene
Peter promises to attend his mother's birthday party, but
has problems keeping that promise; Carol considers adopting
young Tatiana, to Tag's disgruntlement; Doug's bad day is
topped off when he slugs an abusive father in the lobby; a
teenage chronic drug abuser is brought in; Jen decides to
accept a job offer in Milwaukee despite Mark's offer of
working for Morganstern.

[118] {#18}--"Sleepless In Chicago" (95 Feb 23)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Christoper Chulack
Benton's lack of sleep draws the attention of Dr. Hicks;
Carol's attempt to adopt Tatiana is ultimately denied when
officials discover she attempted suicide; Doug and Carol
deal with a abusive mother; Carter spends an unusual amount
of time watching over an old man with heart problems; a
management expert visits the hospital and offers new ideas
for improvement.

[119] {#19}--"Love's Labor Lost" (95 Mar 7)
Writer: Lance A. Gentile
Director: Mimi Leder
In this memorable episode, Mark frantically works to save
a pregnant woman and her endangered baby; Benton is wracked
with guilt when his mother is admitted to the hospital with
a broken hip.

[120] {#20}--"Full Moon, Saturday Night" (95 Mar 30)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Donna Deitrich
The new chief of emergency services, Dr. Swift, arrives;
traumatized by the loss of Jodi O'Brian, Mark takes the
night off; Benton eventually is swayed to put his mother
into a home; the competition for a sub-internship between
Deb and Carter heats up; Susan treats a young man with an
unusually persistent case of the hiccups.

[121] {#21}--"House of Cards" (95 Apr 6)
Writer: Tracey Stern
Director: Fred Gerber
Mark is forced to explain his treatment of Jodi O'Brien to
Swift and a roomful of doctors; Deb decides to quit medicine
after nearly killing a patient while trying to win the sub-I;
Peter tells his mother that she's going into a home; Doug
is sleeping with Diane but is concerned how Jake is taking
it; Susan's sister Chloe returns, pregnant.

[122] {#22}--"Men Plan, God Laughs" (95 Apr 27)
Writer: Robert Nathan
Director: Christoper Chulack
Benton exhibits a change of heart while doggedly tries to
save a teenage boy with an aneurysm; Mark tells Jen he
wants to move to Milwaukee to be near Rachel; Carter's
handiwork attracts the attention of Dr. Swift; Linda
Farrell returns to tempt Doug.


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