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3.12.1 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.1 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[Extended summaries are available from episodes #114 on the Alt.TV.ER home
page, <http://www.digiserve.com/er/ersum.html>. Except as noted, episodes
#114-404 were reviewed and summarized by Scott "FAQer Emeritus" Hollifield;
#405-current are reviewed and summarized by Lisa Albert (except as noted).
Note that the ER episodic numbering order is used for the extended summaries.
Episode cast lists are available at The Internet Movie Database "ER" listing:

[ADDENDUM: For the ER pilot, "24 Hours", which was repeated on February
12, 1998, Lisa did a detailed summary but no review, and Rose has done a
Retrospective version of the Notes, comparing "ER", Then and Now].


[101] {#1}--"24 Hours" (Series pilot) (94 Sep 19)
Writer: Michael Crichton
Director: Rod Holcomb
All main characters are introduced; Carter is placed
under Benton's tutelage; Nurse Hathaway is brought in
after the end of her shift unconscious, having attempted

[102] {#2}--"Day One" (94 Sep 22)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Mimi Leder
Carol stays at home, recuperating from her suicide
attempt; Jennifer Greene passes the bar exam; Susan and
Cvetic clash over the treatment of an emotionally-disturbed
homeless man; Doug fights to save an eight-year-old girl
run over by a drunken driver; it is revealed that Susan
and Cvetic are romantically involved.

[103] {#3}--"Going Home" (94 Sep 29)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Mark Tinker
Mark confronts a family injured by domestic violence;
Carol returns to work; Carter treats a mysterious woman
who walks around singing old torch standards; Doug feels
responsible for Carol's suicide attempt; it is revealed
that Carol and Taglieri are romantically involved.

[104] {#4}--"Into That Good Night" (94 Oct 6)
Writer: Robert Nathan
Director: Charles Haid
Doug gets involved when a mother can't afford to pay for
the medicine needed for her daughter's illness; Carter
fears that he's contracted a sexually-transmitted
disease; Mark races to find a donor for a patient in
need of a heart transplant.

[105] {#5}--"Hit And Run" (94 Oct 13)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: Mimi Leder
Jenn's out-of-town interview causes more tension between
her and Mark; Benton and Langworthy compete for the Starzl
Fellowship; Lewis has Issues with Benton; Carter's first
experience with dealing with a patient's death goes badly;
Ross tries to make a play for Hathaway, but is spurned.

[106] {#6}--"Chicago Heat" (94 Oct 20)
Story: Neal Baer
Teleplay: John Wells
Director: Elodia Keene
A surprise heat wave clogs the ER with patients; Susan
gets an unexpected visit from her sister Chloe; Mark's
daughter Rachel spends a day in the ER; Doug probes into
the affairs of a family whose little girl is revealed
to have a cocaine overdose.

[107] {#7}--"Another Perfect Day" (94 Nov 3)
Story: Lance Gentile
Teleplay: Lydia Woodward
Director: Vern Gillum
Carol has mixed emotions about moving in with Tag, after
she unexpectedly kisses Doug; Benton interviews for the
prestigious Stargill Fellowship; Susan receives a
birthday surprise.

[108] {#8}--"9 1/2 Hours" (94 Nov 10)
Writer: Robert Nathan
Director: James Hayman
Mark calls in sick so he can stay home with his wife,
leaving Doug to cover for him; Carol comforts a suicidal
rape victim.

[109] {#9}--"ER Confidential" (94 Nov 17)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: Daniel Sackheim
It's Thanksgiving in the ER; after Carol is taken into
confidence by a young man who killed his friend in a car
crash but let the police think his dead friend was
responsible, she decides to reveal to Tag that she slept
with Doug after she began seeing Tag; Div's depression
develops into hostility towards his patients; Carter
treats a emotionally troubled transvestite.

[110] {#10}--"Blizzard" (94 Dec 8)
Story: Neal Baer & Paul Manning
Writer: Lance Gentile
Director: Mimi Leder
A massive blizzard hits Chicago and a 32-car-pile-up
brings a horde of patients into the ER; Dr. Hicks, the
new ER attending surgeon arrives; Carol announces that
she and Tag are engaged; a patient dies due to Doug's
mislabelling him during triage; Bob jumps into the
middle of surgery and saves the patient with a medical
ability no one knew she had.


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