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Where can I get information about Puerto Rico in the Web?


This article is from the Puerto Rico FAQ, by Zeydy Ortiz Laureano zortizl@eos.ncsu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

Where can I get information about Puerto Rico in the Web?

! Every day more information is added to the World Wide Web. Information
! about Puerto Rico can be found in many different places that are
! described in the next few paragraphs. Remember that most of this
! information is provided by voluntary effort of the people that set up
! the page. This section is constantly updated. If you find other
! places with information, send me a note. Also, if there is any change
! in the location of a page, let me know of the change to be able to
! make the update accordingly.

A World Wide Web (WWW) server sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Puerto Rico
is maintained by Jose Pietri. You can find facts about the island, the
latest weather report, images of Puerto Rico, recipes and other
interesting things about our people in there. The URL of this site is
< http://hpprdk01.prd.hp.com/ >.

The University of Puerto Rico maintains information about their
programs of study. The UPR-Rio Piedras campus WWW server is at
< http://www.upr.clu.edu/ > and < http://www_rum.upr.clu.edu/ > for the
Mayaguez Campus.

The Inter American University also maintains information at
< http://coqui.metro.inter.edu > for the Metropolitan Campus and at
< http://ponce.inter.edu > for the Ponce Campus. You can find news
from Puerto Rico in their gopher server at < gopher://ponce.inter.edu >
There is also information and images of the Tibes Indian Ceremonial
Center at < http://ponce.inter.edu/tibes/tibes.html >.

Information about Universidad del Sagrado Corazon can be found at
< http://www.usc.clu.edu >.

Mailing addresses of Puerto Rico's universities are maintained by the
World Wide Classroom at < http://www.worldwide.edu/ci/puerto_rico/ >.

You can find information about cultural activities in "El Cuarto del
Quenepon" at < http://www.upr.clu.edu/cuarto/quenepon.html >. The page
features Puerto Rican artists around the world, articles, electronic
publications, calendar of activities, and call for participation for
cultural events.

A lot of information on Puerto Rico is maintained by Magaly Rivera
! <maggy@prairienet.org> at < http://www2.ashd.com/~maggy/pr/ >. Note
! the new change of location.

The CIA World Factbook Sheet about Puerto Rico can be also accessed on-
line at < http://www.odci.gov/94fact/country/196.html > or at
< gopher://hoshi.cic.sfu.ca/0/dlam/cia/all/Puerto_Rico >.

Results from the 1992 general elections, the 1993 status plebiscite,
and the 1994 Constitutional Amendments referendum are maintained
by Manuel Alvarez-Rivera <alvarez+@pitt.edu> and presented at
< http://info.pitt.edu/~alvarez/elecciones.pr/ >.

At < http://www.where2stay.com/islands/islands/puertorico.html > you can
find some information about where to stay in Puerto Rico.

The Institute for Puerto Rican Policy maintains information about Puerto
Rican issues at < http://www.iprnet.org/IPR/ >. Included are listings
of Puerto Rico's holidays and upcoming events for the community. They
also included statistics about Puerto Ricans in the United States and a
directory of Puerto Rican organizations.

Edgardo Garayua <boricua@sirius.pixi.com> maintains a page with music
! from Puerto Rico at < http://www.gld.com/personal/boricua/ >.

You can search GolfWeb < http://www.golfweb.com/gws/tgws.html > for
information on golf courses in Puerto Rico (Search for state: PR).

The Government of Puerto Rico now has a Web page. You can find some
statistics about crime and elections, and general information about
Puerto Rico at < http://fortaleza.govpr.org/ >.

! News from Puerto Rico are written weekly by Red Pab and published in the
! gopher server of the Inter American University < gopher://ponce.inter.edu >
! They are sometimes posted by a third party in soc.culture.puerto-rico.
! Orlando Pla <76732.3125@compuserve.com> provides news headings and
! summaries from different newspapers in Puerto Rico at
! < http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/luxor/LUXOR19.HTM >. Also,
! WAPA-TV is setting up a server for Noticentro On-line at
! < http://noticentro.coqui.net >. El Nuevo Dia is also setting up a
! page at < http://www.elnuevodia.com/ > or < http://www.notiaccess.com/ >.

! La Cadena Salsoul has a page at < http://www.salsoul.com/ > with the
! top 10 hits of the week, current events, and information about their
! programs.

! Luis Negron Hernandez <LNegronH@prodigy.com> maintains a page on
! historic investigations. The page includes information about our
! political, social, and economic history based on studies of the Records
! of the Spanish Governors of Puerto Rico. Visit "Puerto Rico:
! investigaciones historicas" at < http://pages.prodigy.com/PuertoRico/ >.


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