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16.37) Shogerijutsu


This article is from the Martial Arts FAQ, by Matthew Weigel faq@idempot.net with numerous contributions by others.

16.37) Shogerijutsu

(Contributor: Chris Butts - dapoet@juno.com)

Shogerijutsu deals with the concept of the dynamic martial artist.
Each student learns the basics, and from there they build on their own
foundation. Shogerijutsu combines many facets of learning from the
martial arts. Shogerijutsu takes the basic self-defense techniques of
jujutsu, karate-do, gongfu, and kick boxing, then combines it with
the philosophy of styles that represent the fundamental approach
toward self-defense and combat such as kenpo, jeet kune do, aikijutsu,
and gongfu. Shogerijutsu means "the essence in kicking technique",
but the name itself does not define the techniques or philosophy of
living that goes on within a system. The word "kicking" can be
replaced with any of a multitude of strikes.

The basics are taught at first. As the student progresses so does
their knowledge of control, joint locks, throws, combat philosophy,
ranges, kata, and body positioning. Each phase of learning focuses on
a breakup of the latter, with emphasis on implementing kata technique
into applicable use on the street. This style is ideal for people who
want to learn martial art basics. The philosophy of this style blends
well with any style whose purpose is self-defense with focus on

For more information contact:
Norman Shogerijutsu Academy
1818 Twisted Oak Dr.
Norman, OK 73071


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